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Kids hack their Dad’s computer on her Raspberry Pi

Girl pranks her Dad using a raspberry pi.

20 Comments on Kids hack their Dad’s computer on her Raspberry Pi


  2. She's one of those internet hackers that threaten to Ddos you. Who knew it was a kid of her age all along ?

  3. 2:37 Carefully looks at script

  4. "Hack"
    Yeah right.

  5. I did enjoy it. That was excellent!

  6. Kids "Hack thier dad's computer" when really there just sshing and running basic mac/unix commands and the "Prank" is most likely setup do they even know what a pid or a ip stands for

  7. kids these are smart even though their not even Asian, their just so talented! Adults can't even do these stuff

  8. As a tech engineer, I can tell you the video recording/editing/producing for this clip is waaay more complicated than the actual 'hack' itself (closing a process when login through ssh, is like filling a cell in a spreadsheet when learning excel). Her skills are actually really good at content creation than IT. (search for young children coding python, that's incredible)

  9. Is ur dad got ur netwk secured? Thats would be extremely easy to sniff you know, Getting your dada current password & ip

  10. This is absolutely staged..
    Also, if I was the dad, that's when you get a good beating, "kill -9" is the ultimate and last resort of shutting down a process with absolutely no means of recovering the work. Unless he saved it.

  11. Would love to see a video on how you got the IP and password.

  12. this shit is scripted, come on people

  13. How old are she? 12?
    I could do same things when i was 12… Wonder if she could unscrew the whole PC when she was 3. I could-tried and doed this.

  14. so cute but didn't understand anything she said

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