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35 Comments on LaTeX Tutorial 8 – Texmaker Tips

  1. These videos are still relevant in 2018. Thank you Michelle, I just finished one of my goals for this year 😀

  2. Your videos make it easy and efficient to have a quick start in LaTeX. Thank you!

  3. Watching 2nd time at 2X speed.

  4. Thanks a lot Michelle for these tutorials.

  5. want give you a big hug, thank you

  6. Lol good save at 10:41… Great videos by the way. I've followed them all the way through.

  7. Thank you Krummel, your tutorials are very useful

  8. You. Are. Awesome.

  9. Thank you Michelle, for the beautiful tutorials. 🙂

  10. Recently one journal returned my manuscript just by saying that I need to prepare my paper only using the given LaTex template NOT traditional word software.
    That inspires me to learn this LaTex and I found your tutorial is the most beneficial in the YOU TUBE.
    Thank you Madam.

  11. Couldn't stop saying Thankyou.You are really A great teacher…THANKS A LOT.

  12. Thanks for those tutorials Michelle.
    Btw: i noticed that most of your tutorial videos got only one dislike. Seems like one of your students wants to "pay you back".

  13. Quite grateful for your videos !

  14. Thank you for uploading these videos, they are extremely helpful. I have a question though, what is the name of the button you click at around 0:320:35 in the video? I can't see it and I only have 3 buttons at the bottom of my screen. Structure, Messages/Log, and Source Viewer.

  15. great video. but can you shrink your window a little bit so we can see the bottom tabs?

  16. Thank you very much! They are really helpful.

  17. thank you, Mrs Michelle Krummel for nice presentations,

  18. Thank you so much!

  19. Been learning LaTeX for pleasure, and out of all the documents and tutorials I could find, this series was the most engaging and helpful ^_^
    Thank you!

  20. Thank you so much for your tutorials. Great job!

  21. Thank you so much! It's really useful for my IOE course!

  22. Very helpful! I wish you were my friend so that I can consult anytime…
    Btw, how to create Part Lable Tiny in toolbar as you have? I am using the latest version 4.1.1 already…THanks

  23. Thanks so much! Really helped me with my reports!

  24. Perfect video to begin using texmaker! Thanks so much

  25. These tutorial's have been very helpful to me in learning LaTeX. Thank you.

  26. Great job! Very helpful!

  27. Thanks, very useful! 😀

  28. Your teaching is excellent. Thank you very much!!

  29. Thanks Michelle, This has been very helpful

  30. Thanks Michelle, It was great going through your tutorials. very helpful

  31. How do i find the 'configure texmaker' settings on a mac?

  32. Many thanks to your lectures, very useful~

  33. Michelle, you're amazing!

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