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Lenovo K3 Note Tips and Tricks | Techniqued

Lenovo K3 Note Tips and Tricks | Techniqued

Lenovo K3 Note comes with Android 5.0 and Vibe UI 2.0. Here are some of the tips and tricks you can perform on Lenovo K3 Note.

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15 Comments on Lenovo K3 Note Tips and Tricks | Techniqued

  1. How to use task menager on the ROW ROM aka the indian rom. the middle button opens google search

  2. i have recently purchased Lenovo K3 note , Every time i unlocked this phone , The message inbox always open at first , this is irritating …please help me on this issue

  3. Hy. Nice video. 
    Why I do not have "Display color Balance" and other options..? I'm using K50-T5 device with Android 5.0 VibeUI2.5.1511. Thx

  4. +Techniqued Where can I find smart lock to setup my xiaomi mi band?

  5. shud say just follow the instructions and u are doing

  6. dude these are not tips..these are the basics…what r u doing?

  7. machane ninga kochi karanana..sound ketittu toneenu keta..any way good one buddy..

  8. Killer note……see why it is killer is……it kills with radiation…….high sar value

  9. Bluetooth gets disconnected after every 10sec on k3 note :-

    I'm using my the k3 note indian version. My phone gets automatically disconnected while listening to music on my sony home theatre system via Bluetooth every 10 secs. I tested my system with other phones it worked fine. Please let me know a solution because im not able to listen to music on my system.

  10. lenovo k3 note is a Killer note…..

  11. this is a nice review….gud job guys.

  12. Did u got system update on first boot I did not got it?

  13. Lenovo K3 Note Tips and Tricks

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