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16 Comments on Lets encrypt Windows IIS Tutorial

  1. Awesome! Thank you so much!

  2. I can't even imagine hosting on windows again. I am sure it is a lot better from when I first tried 10 years ago, but when I found CPANEL and wordpress there was never a reason to go back to windows. Cool to know about lets encrypt for windows though! thx

  3. Wow! Amazing! It works! Thank you very much! A certificate addition never was so easy!

  4. Quick and efficient, thanks !

  5. Haha nice hosts file. 😛

    Seriously though thanks for the help. 🙂

  6. bad idea showing us your host file. You Adobe cracker xD

  7. What's the music in the background? Are you able to supply a link for me? I love it!

  8. hello i am getting an error.

    The ACME server was probably unable to reach

    Check in a browser to see if the answer file is being served correctly.

    This could be caused by IIS not being setup to handle extensionless static
    files. Here's how to fix that:
    1. In IIS manager goto Site/Server->Handler Mappings->View Ordered List
    2. Move the StaticFile mapping above the ExtensionlessUrlHandler mappings.
    (like this
    3. If you need to make changes to your web.config file, update the one
    at C:UsersfarukhDesktopNew folder (4)letsencrypt-win-simple.v1.9.0web_config.xml

  9. Nice video! How long do the certs last? Do they auto-renew or is there some sort of continued maintenance required? Can you get SAN certs this way as well?

  10. And what about Camtasia, Adobe redirect in your host file??
    Can you explain it 😉

  11. sexy voice oi ……… haa haaa :xD sleepy

  12. Please tell me that wasn't your home IP..

  13. I am sorry for my voice :3 that's why i add subtitles

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