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LG K20 Plus – Tips and Tricks

LG K20 Plus – Tips and Tricks

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50 Comments on LG K20 Plus – Tips and Tricks

  1. How do you set the time/date/temp. banner in the home screen? Is it a widget? I can't see that option when i access widgets.

  2. How do you make it so your caps is off and to have your key board vibrating off

  3. Do you know how to undelete voicemail messages on this phone?  Thanks!

  4. How do you customize the keyboard

  5. Is a fake scanner on a 2

  6. I am wathing on a this phone

  7. LGa They are durable & dependable.. with great audio quality & 32 bit quad dacs can push those beats…get the Vseries or the G7 thin Q…they are both a nice change from the galaxy or the iphone….Lifes good…

  8. Anyone know how to do the split screen

  9. How do u turn off camera shutter sound ?

  10. Didn't work on my phone. When you look at Lock Screen, it shows my list, even restart doesn't change the list. Thoughts or ideas?

  11. How do you do slow mo?? Or can you??

  12. My new K20 keeps freezing up when I'm trying to wireless transfer data from my old device

  13. You can tap it twice when its on to turn it off.

  14. I'm watching this on an lg k20 plus…

  15. How do you use the finger print? my phone won't let me

  16. I like this phone very easy, cool, and it's thin.

  17. How do I back-up my data?

  18. How Can I Extend the Time My LG k20 plus Rings Before It Goes to Voice Mail?

  19. How come i dont have the capture button in my settings

  20. I want to root my lg but don't know how

  21. He said "So anyways guys I hope you didn't find this helpful" LOL I'm dead

  22. now i got your swipe password lmao great video man

  23. I knew the doubble tap one already

  24. He's recording a phone with a phone

  25. Just got the LG K20 V.  Great tips, Thank You.

  26. Por favor deseo saber como manejar telefono LG K20 en español…. Gracias

  27. Just got the LG K20 today! This vid was Very helpful!!

  28. How do I open a slide machine

  29. Mine doesn't have a capture button option ???? waddup with that

  30. how do you get free screen mirroring that runs off the internet on your phone instead of Wi-Fi

  31. Why i cant send out video

  32. Is there any way to change the display in your text messages?

  33. I have a question were i could find settings management? On my phone the same phone u show on the video

  34. is there anyway you can brighten up the black screen? does this phone get any brighter than what's displayed on this and your other videos of this phone??????

  35. how do you change on your app store a disabled gmail account

  36. I cant send videos, says file is too big. How can I fix that?

  37. my Dad have one problem with his phone the Lg k20 do no know what to do l bought it yesterday

  38. another thing…how do I know when someone answers my question on YouTube? Haha! Is there a setting for that?

  39. I've been looking for a predictive text and can't find anything. This phone is awful about predicting the simplest of words. Sometimes I have to type 5 out of 6 letters before the word I want appears. Also, there's some messed up words that continue to pop up, like todAy, even some misspellings. I'm sure I caused them, but how can I make them go away? My Samsung was easy, tap and hold.
    I also hate that I have to go to the symbol keyboard for a comma. Samsung had a period and a comma on the main keyboard. Someone told me I could configure the keyboard to my specifications, but I haven't found it.

  40. I know about all these, except the last loop feature. I followed your steps and there is no loop feature on my phone. Yes it's the same phone.

  41. Got the K20plus on Saturday. But to my horror, I find that I can't attach videos to either emails or texts. T-Mobile has not been of any help. Everytime I try, I get the message "Attachment size limit is exceeded". Can someone help me, please?

  42. Day one when I bought this: Pandora always pauses randomly, videos and netflix do as well. Its not buffering or anything. It just randomly pauses. Did anyone elses do this as well? And how do I fix it?

  43. I hate the max volume on this thing. sounds so low compared to almost any other phone

  44. I have been unable to get the flash to work on the camera. It works on video fine. Just not on camera setting. There is also no option in camera setting for anything to do with the flash.
    Just shows the flash with a slash through it on the toolbar.

  45. i turned off my lg k20 and now i can't get in.. i have 4 more attempts before i lose everything

  46. do anyone know how to root this phone

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