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34 Comments on Life hacks EP01 Computer short-cut keys: How to use?

  1. TQ so much it's very useful to me

  2. Kaise pde kya pde btao

  3. what are conditions
    for this?

  4. I need more computer specalites

  5. do more vedios on computer

  6. F4 repeats two times ,wht does it mean?

  7. I need more about computer..

  8. Thank you. This video help me in exam.

  9. I know these all all shortcut keys because I doing the computer course MCIDIM and I am 10 years old

  10. How to customize key's ( enter key( to ) shift key) ..i mean i want to change key function…

  11. सर अपलीकेसन कैसे डाउन किया जाता है जानकारी दीजिए

  12. I really appreciate this information thank you

  13. Great,this is what i was searching for????

  14. Sir hp laptop keybord light start nahi ho kitna try kiya koi new tarika ho batao

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