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Loco Trivia Bot – Hacking Loco trivia game using AI | Demonstration

This video demonstrates hacking Loco trivia game (Indian clone of the HQ trivia game) using AI powered bot which is able to accurately predict answer for the live trivia game – Loco.

Recording shows the live screencast from the loco app and the terminal window where the script is run. Script calculates scores for all three options prints it to the console with the correct answer being the one with the maximum score.

Computer connects to the device using ADB to take screenshot and it uses…

41 Comments on Loco Trivia Bot – Hacking Loco trivia game using AI | Demonstration

  1. Use this Referral code to get 6 life's in loco kt@3678 this is for very limited time trick Bhai jadi sa use karlo Varna loco ban ka da ga is trick to bhi

  2. how to screencast in linux?

  3. Jaseem bro reply my mail im mallu

  4. How can I get it into pc plz explain bro or else give me some reply but plz don't leave the comment hope u will reply me soon thanks

  5. Pahele bad me apko jyada fayda…

  6. App ki link do bhai

  7. Good music of pirates of the caribbean

  8. Say password bhaiya


  10. How you are showing ads even your channel is not in youtube criteria for showing ads plz tell me also.

  11. How do you run loco from browser??

  12. how to connect the phone with the script?
    and how to do it on Mac. step by step please

  13. How to use this piz help me( how to install)

  14. Python file automatically turn off when i open it

  15. Script not opening

  16. Which OCR did you use and which tool to mirror screen?

  17. Bhai dream 11 hack karo na

  18. Bhai ye kaise Karne ka .

  19. This is waste of time , I have the bot through which I won loco for three times on a row

  20. How you do this please make a video on this

  21. how to open script
    after opening the script it is not opening

  22. Bhai kya aap phone k liye koi vdo bnaoge

  23. Bhai Jasim I appreciate your damn scripting i think u helped in major program, Thx for the help

  24. did you buy google console billing?

  25. bro can we do this trick on termux android

  26. are yar trick bat la do

  27. can anyone please tell me which google api should i console

  28. Pirates of the carribian song best

  29. Hey please explain in detail .cos the link u have shared is really confusing.Please do help.Thanks????

  30. How to install this script in pc

  31. Plzz make the video from beginning to last it's promise plzz jaseem plzz

  32. Which software you use to screen cast mobile phone to pc

  33. You are genius bro

  34. This trick will not going to work in last 3 questions.because majority of people give wrong answers for that questions and this u the answer which the majority of people it is not a recommended one.

  35. Which software you use to cast mobile screen to pc

  36. but how to do it plsease help

  37. Bro is app.ko kaha se download karne hai please

  38. bhai u r just incredible you r the legend.
    but how can we know about the program?
    Can you tell me that how to do that?
    If so send me your email id i want to in touch with u to know how to make such bots and also how to learn python scrips vagira
    pls help me with this favour & i am going to subscribe u r channel now and like u r video.
    please bhai just tell me how to make it in detail….
    Please Please please please please please………………………………………………

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