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Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know

There is a better way to get glitter nail polish off!

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20 Comments on Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know

  1. I use 00:53 all the time and its a life saver

  2. 0:52 I tried it,and it works. c:

  3. I have 3 old Cotton t shirts in my bathroom for my hair

  4. she has the same dry shampoo as me

  5. I have been doing life wrong

  6. guys like girls without makeup only if they look good without it

  7. my friend heard about the warm water mascara thing but instead she washed my thing by taking out the brush and running it under hot water then putting some in the bottle and now its so bad it works horribly and my mascara looks terrible when i use it

  8. Can you do surgeons play surgeon simulator

  9. I disgust dry shampoo

  10. You called the perfume one a hack? I learned that! When I was 5 (I was five when I said my first word) I already learned on how to properly test perfume! (Put perfume on both wrist and then sort off mix them together)

  11. I really dislike how make up feels in my face.

  12. Some people mistake dry shampoo for shower in a bottle. Don't be that person. I'm talking to all of the frequent dry shampoo users.

  13. For the concealer one, would that make my freckles disappear? I love my freckles so I don't want them gone, but I do want my dark circles gone.

  14. ok so if every girl knows this why did u make a video of things that everyone knows? stop it buzzfeed

  15. 0:22 ugh her lipstick isn't applied correctly

  16. Fresh look ? This hair looking fresh? RLY??? NO 


  18. I find dry shampoo gross just wash yer hair

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