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Mario 64 HACKED – Part 8 (BOWSER MAYBE!)

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PeanutButterGamer plays Mario 64 CHAOS EDITION! A hacked ROM of Mario 64. – Part 8 of ???

ROM created by Kaze Emanuar! –

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19 Comments on Mario 64 HACKED – Part 8 (BOWSER MAYBE!)

  1. why is this so funny

  2. This is my favorite episode out of this series. It never fails to make me laugh :)

  3. i lave all yur videos

  4. This is like the 5th time Mother Nature has striked XD
    I've released something, Mario is trying to do the silly walk.

  5. I'm too tired to comment.

  6. "If I was alive," -PBG

  7. Wow. This game is shit.


  9. i just realized something: This hack is a compilation of al the hacks you showed off in the mario 64 hacked vid in the main channel. Every minute or so, it changes the hack.

  10. This is not… mario Chaos 😀 its more Super Mario 64 hardcore XD

  11. tip run then stop for a sec then run again

  12. 2:57 I love it. <3 I'm a huge Sonic fan soo… Ya. 😛 Also, at 6:45 I think this is what it's like to get a nail stuck in your eye. o-o And my one favorite gitch that has been happening not very much, is when Mario turns into some kind of magnet and everything comes at him XD

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