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Microsoft Kinect=2012? Intense Hacking Xbox 360

Kinect hacks are going way too far, who knows, this good be skynet, this might end the world, freaking robots are being controlled, people from itt-tech and programmers ect are going to look at this and see what they can do with it, to make it further, crazier, is this why the world will end in 2012? Scary stuff I might add.
~Ignore Extra Tag~ Kinect for Xbox 360, or simply Kinect (originally known by the code name Project Natal),[7] is a “controller-free gaming and entertainment…

20 Comments on Microsoft Kinect=2012? Intense Hacking Xbox 360

  1. You guys are stupid. There's your 100th comment.

  2. Why do steal FFSTV´s video??

  3. Got to this video after re-watching the promotional demonstration of steel battalion heavy armor. Kinect is seeming better and more impressive each time I see these sorts of videos.

  4. I'm going to try that Kinect Joy Ride thing.

  5. Stop saying "like" 1-3 times a sentence! Jebus Fuck! It makes you sound like a retard! Make an effort world!
    The vid is cool though. xD


  7. I like the augmented reality you need master chief to come in and start fighting arbitier and have a life sized arbiter dueling swords with master chief or climatic battles. Give us life sized creatures please! BTW good CGI character.

  8. @kat31ynx3 your incredibly dumb, its hilarious, think before you speak, give up before you try to talk about views on youtube when you have no views yourself nuff said, gtfo

  9. @GANGSTER5557 yeah its funny u have no life to the point u found my comment then gave some fucking stupid ass speech

  10. @kat31ynx3 not talking about the video, you just said my views are only 700, thats talking about my video, you have no intelligence, and you are an embarrassment to the human race, your contradicting yourself, and its hilarious.

  11. hahaa ur so fucking retarted i never even talked shit about the vid. i fucking love i bc i love my kinect i was saying only 700 views….dumb ass…..

  12. like if you noticed the guy was holding his ipad upside down 🙂

  13. @kat31ynx3 You made a youtube account so you could appraise other people's videos, and talk shit when you do not even have any videos, your just the definition of a fail, get outta here, dont comment ever again

  14. @GANGSTER5557 yeah so hahah i made an account so i could say fail when i please……and please dont call me kid

  15. @kat31ynx3 you have no uploads kid

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