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45 Comments on Microsoft Office 2013 on Windows 8 Hands On

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  2. Your tone of voice encourages me to murder kittens with vigor and a sense of injustice.

  3. Unless you buy a Microsoft Surface RT

  4. I'm selling my Microsoft Office Professional 2013 and Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 for only $20 each plus 90 days warranty support from microsoft!I will also help you will the installation and activation of these softwares. I will remove this ad if my office 2013 and office for mac has been sold. Interested? pm me on my email:

    This is LEGIT 110% for as long as you have a Windows 7 or a Windows 8 computer.

  5. No, it is not necessary to sign in.

  6. do you need to sign in just to use MS word, for example?

  7. Didn't show the one application (access) I predominantly wanted to see 🙂

  8. There is a better chance to see Satan hugging Jesus, than seeing Microsoft release Office free with Windows…

  9. And you need to be more original than taking quotes from Toy Story.

  10. I like the fact MS wants change have u seen a mac lately or even better iOS. I don't care what anyone says iOS 7 is still jailbreak city iOS.

  11. "You are one sad, strange, little man.

  12. you are probably in need of one.

  13. can you not grasp a simple idiom

  14. Guys if the above video doesn't work on you try this, visit ""Just follow the instructions for a successful download and install of your software. Hope this helps.

  15. No it's costs about €140 extra when buying a new laptop or PC

  16. where i can get trial ?

  17. Do you not understand English?

  18. Is office 2013 auto-installed if you buy a pc with Windows 8?

  19. Office 2013 is hidious

  20. Works on windows 7 and 8 only right now sucks for me I have vista still

  21. U can run office 2013 on windows 7

  22. Lol at your english. What he meant by couldn't get any happier after windows 7, is that he was happy about that.

  23. How did you do this?? HD video but only 20mb?? im watching it with 360p without any lag!…

  24. Window Vista is a precursor to 7 and 8 windows the later is the total OS under the System Data Licensing Datasheet.,and Visual Studio 2012.NO other Existing OS System can come close under reliable…creator.march 14,2013.Learn your ABC before your ignorance is exposed to the public.

  25. I got your point. ME is and was a horrible os and it should've never been released in the first place. Today, Windows 8 would take the cake, but ME was even worse. However, I would take ME over Windows 8 because its easier to work with, but since its no longer supported, there is no point of why anyone would want to use it. When it comes to operating systems that are still supported, Windows Vista would be the ideal os to use over Windows 8 if Windows 7 wasn't an option.

  26. You missed my point. Guess you need to take some more English classes.

  27. If you like thousands of bugs running in your os, that is fine with me. I don't know why you would use ME since it is no longer supported by by Microsoft. I do hope you understand your computer is vulnerable to hackers.

  28. I'd rather run Windows ME than 8 on my modern pc's.

  29. Too bad that #LibreOffice4 still lacks that appealing UI.

  30. You seriously need to calm down and need to work on your grammar. Your grammer is at terrible as Windows 8 is. I do believe Vista is better than 8, but lets face it…Windows 8 replaced Vista as the worse os.

  31. HOW DARE YOUR! Windows 8 is no were near as good as Windows Vista! if anything DOS is more functional then windows 8! SHAME ON YOU!

  32. What about Access. It's a beast of an application!!

  33. Anyone? I used it for 2 weeks and returned the piece of crap to the company. It is by far the worst os ever to be produced in computer history. It's nothing in comparison with Windows 7. Windows 7 is much easier to use than that metro crap. The apps have advertisements and your need special external devices just to function all of the features to it. We are in a recession and no one is going to go spend excessive amounts of money for it. Windows 7 is the new xp and 8 is the new vista.

  34. That was bad. It should be 'Looks like you ran Office 2013 on a Mac. Thus, I am watching it on my mac book…ha…ha…ha…'

  35. any one who has tried windows 8 would know it is basically the same as windows 7 trust me im on a windows 8 computer now

  36. yah right I guess spy for your account :-)) when you signing etc.

  37. The way you talk annoys me so much. So much pausing in between words.

  38. MS Word 2013: 109.99$
    MS Excel 2013: 109.99$
    MS PowerPoint 2013: 109.99$
    MS Office Home & Student 2013 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote): 139.99$
    MS Office Professional 2013 (7 programs): 399.99$
    ME: *Teet Teet Toot* "WHAT THE FUUUUUUUU"*Boom*.

  39. its a shame they wont just let me download it i need a microsoft acount god im just trying to do a school project

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