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Microsoft Windows 8 Preview With ASUS ET2410 Multi-Touch AIO Desktop PC NCIX Tech Tips

I apologize for the reflections in the screen. The user experience is actually much better in person with this desktop, but glass screens are a necessary evil for touch screen displays for better durability and a better “feeling” when using them compared to plastic ones.

20 Comments on Microsoft Windows 8 Preview With ASUS ET2410 Multi-Touch AIO Desktop PC NCIX Tech Tips

  1. ppl there dont like windows 8 better get yousd to it 🙂 windows wont make windows 9 like the 7 and you cant keep Using 7 for ever, soner or later they have to get another system.
    ofc. you can Choose annoter product then windows but then the new one will be different as well.

  2. windows 8 pro + startisback? basically ends up being the same with more.

  3. Windows NT3 bitch!

  4. I've been using Windows 8 since December. I don't use the Metro however. I have a little program called Classic Shell which pretty much gives me a start button. Performance is great in comparison to Windows 7, my only issue is compatibility. Some games take a little tweaking to get running etc.

  5. No no, he's right. You've never tried it so you don't know. Windows 8 is better.

  6. Why? Windows 8 is fine, you're probably going off of other people's reviews… I'm using it and have been using it and I've never had a problem, games are smoother on it too.

  7. Wait Windows have created good and bad OS's. Vista was bad, 7 was good, 8 is bad, maybe 9 will be good.

  8. Maybe on a tablet…

  9. What crack are you smoking?

  10. Windows 8 puts 7 to shame

  11. The magic of video editing.

  12. Can u play video games on this?

  13. How the hell is he running this computer without the power cord plug in?!?!? Am I missing something?

  14. I'm just saying that OSX has the gesture thing down. Windows 8, not so much.
    Can't argue with free.

  15. I meant the track pad. Magic mouse = GARBAGE.
    I also prefer linux. 😀

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