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9 Comments on Microsoft Windows 8 Tutorial Part 09 of 12: Configuring Windows 1

  1. How do I change the clock from 1/29/2014 to Tuesday 1/29/2014.Or to text?I just got this desktop last week.Thanks

  2. Microsoft Word does not come bundled with Windows. You have to buy it separately. It's part of the Microsoft Office package.

  3. instead of WordPad, is there still the entire, origional Microsoft Word? Please respond

  4. Windows Defender is a much improved version of its old self and well worth testing out, it picked up a virus which Avast missed and that is a first. Well done Microsoft….
    And thank you 599CD, you have made a believer in me…..

  5. Hi, I seemed to have fixed the problem, I did hard reset and when windows first initialised i then preceded to get rid of it before updating and voila windows defender activated and now I am safe, I thank you for your help and look forward to further lessons…..

  6. Thank you 559CD and I'm sorry about the contact block but I truly don't now how to access those options lol but this is the error I got is " error 0x800106ba " and I've looked for solutions online but have found none that work, I want to thank you in advance for such detailed lessons that you provide, several years back I was a technician when Xp first came out and I had to go to your beginner course because of windows dramatic change but I'm looking forward to your more advanced lessons, thx

  7. It could be any number of things, but this is one of those problems that is almost impossible to diagnose without seeing it. Are you getting an error message? If so, what? What other software might you have installed that's conflicting? Without being able to sit down at your computer, it would be very hard for me to help you. By the way, I tried returning your private message and you have "contact lock" on, so I was unable to.

  8. Thank you for your help, just need to ask for some advise. I uninstalled macfee but when I restarted after using the macfee removal tool I'm unable to start windows defender? I'm running win 8, if you could help I would be grateful, thx in advance

  9. Thanks for the feedback, and your suggestions are DEFINITELY valid. I was speaking from my personal preference. I hate the computer telling me that I have to reboot when I don't want to. I like to be notified that there ARE updates, but I want to choose WHEN to download and install them. But I certainly agree with what you're saying… there are a lot of nasty bugs out there, and novice users may want to leave automatic updates ON.

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