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Microsoft Windows Sounds on piano – How to play Windows startup & shutdown sounds on piano!

How to play the startup and shutdown sounds from Microsoft Windows on piano!
Listen to our piano version of the windows sounds (Windows 95, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8)!
Check out the full piano tutorial for the Windows startup/shutdown sounds on our website:

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39 Comments on Microsoft Windows Sounds on piano – How to play Windows startup & shutdown sounds on piano!

  1. Want to change the speed? Learn more songs? Prefer a simpler version?
    You can find all that, and many other funky features, on our website:

  2. How to get windows XP sound piano?

  3. 0:19 I love it it's like music

  4. 98 startup is weird on my ears

  5. can you please do a tutorial on the song in jurassic world called pavane for a dead apatosaurus. the part i wanna learn starts at 1:43 in the song. please get back to me

  6. 0:21 the readon why i watched the video

  7. You must be really running out of ideas

  8. Sounds like its from breath of the wild lol

  9. You should watch Szescian he's pro

  10. hears shutdown
    fucking dies

  11. Anyone else get triggered at the Vista sound?

  12. When I was little kid I would be terrified of this song and say “It’s the scary laptop song!”

  13. 00:20 I really like this sound. ????????

  14. i love your songs

  15. Xp is the only iconic one lol

  16. Song of ringtones of mobile

  17. рпапрапрщ апщл а рщрпоьпр рпоюрпорпрапьрлдап рапьрдапрдапьрдп апрапржапбржапрапрапр апрап

  18. Not going to lie that windows xp startup sounded awesome

  19. I don't know why I laughed at this

  20. you should have made the startup very loud.

  21. I had an old one it was the meme one

  22. It's repeated you dumb bitch

  23. Aaa yes good old fashion windows memes

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