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Minecraft 1.8.4 Creative HACK – OP yourself on any server

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18 Comments on Minecraft 1.8.4 Creative HACK – OP yourself on any server


  2. that's my server Fuck u

  3. instructions not clear. dick stuck in toaster.

  4. hey uh so i got grieffed and raided and you know i  just wanted to exact revenge :). i was playing on a server called mineverse on their skygrid, if anyone could and would like to help me get revenge, please contact me. seriously tho, he is the most op guy on the server, i would love to see him crash and burn. Will anybody take the challenge and help?

  5. Tnx I've been DESPERATE for a cheat like this. Also, can any operators or owners on the server be able to see your Ip address  or be able to know you did it?

  6. the intro is so legit xD

  7. Can you op me? i wanna help >:D

  8. Im really good + starting to make GRIEFING VIDS

  9. Im gonna join the griefing team :3

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