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Minecraft Design Guide: 5 – Windows (Architecture Tips & Tricks)

This time I give you guys a few tips and tricks on making cool windows for your houses.

Sorry for the delay since last episode!

♦Minecraft Design Guide♦
In this series I give you tips and tricks to make that house/building of yours look better.


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10 Comments on Minecraft Design Guide: 5 – Windows (Architecture Tips & Tricks)

  1. don't listen to these haters. Your vids rock man. These Design guide vids helped me a lot. Earned a subscriber.

  2. Should make a better window tutorial video that includes stained glass etc.

  3. its sounds like your smacking gum i wanted to come to your house and break your keyboard with your face hopefully you would land on that loud ass mouse as well

  4. +manny bailey  Haha, this is an old video – the background clicking has been fixed in many of my newer videos 😉
    Make sure to turn on replies too so I can reply to your comment 😀

  5. i like your videos, they got some awesome ideas, but you gotta work on the background clicking noise

  6. LOVE these videos, but the clicking/ chewing noise is so annoying

  7. Birch planks kinda look like white chocolate

  8. btw with the diagonal windows it looks better with glass panes

  9. Xaptrosityx, thanks for another great video.

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