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Minecraft PE Hunger Games ep.8 “HACKS!?”

Hey what is up guys SpanDuke51 here back with another video! Hope you guys enjoyed and if you did be sure to punch that like button right in the face for me, and if you’re new to the channel maybe even SUBSCRIBE! Thanks for watching! Stay dukeing!
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19 Comments on Minecraft PE Hunger Games ep.8 “HACKS!?”

  1. I love this video!!!

  2. He said in the vid he uses iwreck and xwreck to record

  3. you could make iorn bouts

  4. dude when you where at the wood house in the river there a chest

  5. wat app r u using to record

  6. wat app r u using to record

  7. i liked and subscribed! :D

  8. What do you use to record, or what system?

  9. how do u get vip for free?

  10. Why would you not get fire

  11. Lmao dude me and u used the same recoreder irec and iphone 4 :)))))

  12. How do u record

  13. What screen recorder
    ??plz tell me

  14. Olha eu também tenho um canal assistam meus vídeos e eu gostei do seu vídeo

  15. What do you use to record?


  17. ok… brah I would destroy u any time so no call you sell one boss k…. my username is HAWAIIAN12

  18. wat app r u using to record

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