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Minecraft – TOP 5 MINECRAFT 1.8 HACKS of APRIL 2015 – WiZARD HAX

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★ Minecraft – Top 5 1. 8 Minecraft Hacks of April 2015 – WiZARD HAX

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20 Comments on Minecraft – TOP 5 MINECRAFT 1.8 HACKS of APRIL 2015 – WiZARD HAX


  2. Monsters theme song :)

  3. Yo wats ur server ip…I want to be with my boi xD…I want to be free lel

  4. How is godmode possible in reflex if there isnt one?

  5. what is your intro's so?

  6. Does Jesus really work now??

  7. Is there a client where the forcefield doesnt attack your friends?

  8. i got bannd for sum reson

  9. What's your guys server ip?

  10. Anyone who can't see the hack client in the versions folder, you just need to make sure the .jar and .json files are named the same as the folder that their in, all 3 need same name.

  11. update hack – NR.1 KINKY NR.2 RESILIENCE NR.3 HUZUNI 😉 "Kill aura" Metro or Wurst?

  12. nego ta de hack vey…

  13. kid sounds like a fucking fag, he doesnt know how to speak english, and is stuttering with his high pitch screeching voice. Just stop kid.

  14. ┏┓┏┓┏┓┏━━━━┳━━━┳━━━┳━━━┓

    Go Wizard!

  15. Fucckkkk is this Intro nice 😀 <3333333

  16. what is the IP for your server?

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