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Mossberg Gives Tips to Help with Windows 8 Upgrade

Walt Mossberg shows us what he has learned from installing Windows 8 on his PCs that are more than two years old. Unfortunately, as he found, upgrading to Windows 8 on existing PCs has proven to be a hassle. (Photo: AP)

5 Comments on Mossberg Gives Tips to Help with Windows 8 Upgrade

  1. Get a new computer bro.

  2. For love of God, please buy a new computer. Using 2008 computer is like wearing last season's clothes.

  3. Provisions should be made by the manufactures to keep their older machines upgradable to newer operating systems for more than one year.The computer industry, for the most part, does a pretty good job but many times gets ahead of itself and forgets their customers. Marketing of computers is accomplished with computer power by the corporation against consumers which results in the same thing that happened in Walt's video resulting in money spent, frustration then a new computer. You can't escape.

  4. Being a reviewer of technology, I'm surprised to see the computers that you regularly use. We're in 2013, NOT 2008.

  5. After listening to Walt on this, I get the clear impression that Walt is not that technically proficient.

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