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MS Windows 8 Tutorial

Windows 8 Tutorial

Confused or scared about MS Windows 8? Then check out this introductory video tutorial on Windows 8 for non touch screens (or mouse only systems). It provides tips and tricks that will guide you through the new interface (like the Start Screen), Windows 8 features and introduce the hidden Windows 8 shortcuts so you can start using it like a pro in no time!

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20 Comments on MS Windows 8 Tutorial

  1. please don't show faces

  2. whew almost sent back my new Lenovo that came with windows 7 but after watching this tutorial im keeping it and so far im likeing windows 7! Thanks for the post!

  3. How To Type 10 Fingers Without Looking at the Keyboard?

  4. Got windows 10 bitches

  5. Windows 8 is so outdate, old, and ugly. Windows 10 is way better then this.

  6. I liked your vid Mate Keep it going ,

  7. thanks guys! didn't know that the left side programs where called charms and had an issue with them no longer appearing when I moved my cursor to them. I kept trying to look online to see the problem but didn't know how to explain the issues until you mentioned what they were called. So thank you guys again. Keep up with the awesome work you guys do.

  8. I have a windows eight and it fucking sucks ass. It's so shitty

  9. +Roger Recinos   show off

  10. I would put on a sweater because I see snow are you kidding me

  11. Insert Joel Vinesauce quotes/memes about Windows 8

  12. bad system just like vista hopefully windows 10 dosent turn that way

  13. I'd fkn prefer windows to be windows instead of it trying to be android or ios. Very dissapointing.


  15. Fuck me, I'm not an imbecile.
    Would you kindly be less patronizing in the next videos you do?

  16. That guy is soooooo annoying. Acting thick.

  17. worst than vista ….-_- fucking love windows xp best operating system ever even to teach old people who never used computers before…that start screen helped alot not the tabs.

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