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New Poppy Guide – In-Depth How To Play – Tips & Tricks – League of Legends

New Poppy Rework Guide & Best Build, Tips & Tricks, Champion Spotlight in League of Legends!
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44 Comments on New Poppy Guide – In-Depth How To Play – Tips & Tricks – League of Legends

  1. From the standard build what do you start to build first?

  2. 700k poppy watching the gameplay

    Good guide tho

  3. Thank you for this video, I've been trying to use poppy! and I knew I wasn't using her to her full potential

  4. i disagree with that poppy is hard to carry with if you can peel and disrupy correctly your carries can kill their team without retaliaton, and her damage with sunfire vape is insane.

  5. I just played a game where as poppy I got first blood against a Quinn in lane then got a double kill when the jungler ganked. I ended up carrying 16/2 and feeling like a total badass.

  6. In some heavy bullying matchups I actually like to take Warlord's. It helps keep you alive when taking constant harass and also procs with the shield, giving you movement speed to either pick up the shield or go in for the E.

  7. new to the game here. just buy puppy

  8. wow how fast you can speak ????

  9. Hello. I m not English so sorry for bad language. I very strong like Poppy and please help me. Please, write answer the best(or almoust best) highelo Poppy-players for learning her for me. Thank all of you.

  10. not OP? funny joke red

  11. what is the explosion think ,is it the mystery or something ,can you tell me please

  12. Not a big player but some good shit nevertheless mate.

  13. so many possible possibilities lol

  14. I've always saw Poppy as a Tank more than anything else. So I use W in combat or getting to places and invest in health equipment.

  15. is thunderlords still viable, or would grasp be better now?

  16. why are they explored to dead when you kill them?

  17. First time playing the game….. too much vocab I quit

  18. list of items please?

  19. I saw some people saying OP WTF NEED NURF
    In The Chat whe you wreck them

  20. this is so hard to follow what you are saying when you're video just showing totally different things. Could you, when you mention a trick, show an actual example of it in gameplay?

  21. Possible possibilities… 😀

  22. too fucking hard

    you are asking too much

  23. Illaoi's ult can apparently knock up people. 2:16

  24. Makes a guide for Poppy yet at 01:23 doesn't pick up shield to win trade and instead wastes flash when otherwise it wouldn't have been needed…

  25. Played a game after this video, first game as poppy since the rework and dominated. Got my vote. Keep it up!

  26. The newest Riven counter, thank you Rito, Garen and Olaf weren't enough…

  27. I am new to league and poppy who I am bad at because I don't understand the game well. However I do find that crit chance is a good stat to build because poppy does not deal damage well unless it's a crit

  28. poppy is regarded as unkillable. roflmao say that to my kda ratio as her 2/5/6

  29. I really REALLY want a guide on how to best deal with ranged champions top lane.
    Recently im mostly meeting those and it's not easy to deal with them unless they get careless. :/

  30. I like poppy's story video makes her so much more interesting tho

  31. Every time i play poppy first blood lvl 2

  32. i just played a game as toplane poppy against singed killed him 5 times. at time 6 evalin tried to gank me turned on her and deleted her then riven and graves came in i got a double with help from the support then thresh came in and got deleted from the whole team got 1st top tower 2 mid towers and drake from it then i dc for 3 min and loase my lead but we still won after loasing nexus twers

  33. Remember remember take poppy against riven

  34. What's a good build for Poppy?

  35. I like you… because you like Poppy 😀

  36. Poppy is pretty OP in a hands of a good player. When the combo is done correctly, the cc is pretty insane and not just that, huge dmg.

  37. Should I get Poppy or Jax as my next champion? I plan to use them as either Jungle or Top Lane.

    I hear Jax is ultimately better, but harder to play.

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