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47 Comments on New to Skype – A Full Tutorial

  1. It was very hard to read the message on a iPad

  2. can you share your desktop? It's a pretty basic feature of Skype since years.

  3. Thank you very much Sir
    Quite helpful

  4. It is not morning so you are not live.

  5. I just saw a massage and notification it isnt dere now wtf

  6. What if I call someone without knowing whether they have an account or not?

  7. Very good, thank you

  8. Thank you so much for this very clearly explained video tutorial.  I'm not a computer geek by any means, but use Word etc for my writing, now need to use Skype.  You make a fantastic teacher.  I also appreciate, and am deeply grateful, for you taking the time to put this lesson online.  It helped me immensely.

  9. Varum si dise zige fon belgtad fastekn meine skyp


  11. i am 78 years old and i am finding it very hard to get into skype i cnnot get intouch with my family so please could you help me thankyou

  12. Global news for future children ????

  13. Microsoft destroyed Skype. Its awfull

  14. how come i have a different set of icons on my pc for the skype chat box

  15. Why do you say OK after every sentence ? No if's NOT OK – you sound like a Moron and it distracts from an otherwise pretty good video. OK? OK? OK? Getit buddy, OK?


  16. 1 question and that is how to enlarge the letters in this new skype…they are tosmall   i almost have to use a magnify-glass to read them

  17. Video presented with style and clarity. Thanks David

  18. Excellent! Clear instruction an easy to follow. Thank you!

  19. Social security system

  20. I wish you would skype me

  21. i love your classes

  22. do you need to pay on computer or just phone please help

  23. we don t need skype to call, with whatsapp we call for free, you should have brought back msn messenger .

  24. Skype has nothings special. Msn mssenger live messenger was the best.

  25. I have to learn alot from skype.Anna

  26. want to try skype the person i'm emailing can't send OUT a message. He's pushing reply but it returns in the sent folder and not inbox . He's a GMAIL account . Does anyone know why he can't send out a message . THe file header indicates that he can read and open but can't send a message OUT. Has he changed accidentally a setting?

  27. I don't have the option to send a video message. How do I get that


  29. Video starts at 7:10 if you already have an account.

  30. How about an update for 2018?

  31. Skype is garbage now, it was good a few years back, now it's gone to hell in a basket!

  32. If you are looking for information on Skype for Business try this:

  33. Fabulous Tutorial. Thanks so much! 🙂

  34. For the life of me, I can never find my user name; although I figure it is staring at me. I'm pondering using it for conference call with say 6 people (church board); can skype MIX computer and landline phones into a single conference easily. How much would it cost per hour for that person … I think I read not much.

  35. On my profile information settings I never saw any option on creating my skype name


  37. I wanna use Skype when I play Online Nintendo games with my friends. It must be free then! Hooray!!!!

  38. Thanks, David. Very helpful.

  39. Dude, you sound just like Anderson Cooper!

  40. I don't have a camera

  41. Good video. I was confused about the warning of "calling" at the beginning of the video and then the use of call and video call later. I'm assuming it had to do with charges, but I did just try to use this (in Arizona) for a phone conference with someone in London and failed, so I am now trying to understand again. I did inadvertently later call him through Skype, but of course don't know consequences (if long distance call to London). Anyway, it's failed for expensive meetings earlier, so until I can understand it better, I'll stay away. Good video though and Im sure for people who are in offices and around others that use it, it's very clear.

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