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Newegg TV: Windows 8 Tutorial for Desktops & Touchscreens | Windows 8:

In Newegg’s guide to navigating Windows 8, Paul shows you how to use this new OS with a desktop & keyboard/mouse.
You’ll also get a look at navigation with a touchscreen monitor and a tablet.

Windows 8:

– Credits –
Presenter: Paul
Producer: Lam
Camera: Lam
Post-Production: Kyle

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20 Comments on Newegg TV: Windows 8 Tutorial for Desktops & Touchscreens

  1. Windows 8 should have been Windows 7, just faster.

  2. newegg logo gets in the way a bit during this vid.

    Conclusion: If I ever want to use a tablet with a keyboard and mouse attached Windows 8 will be perfect, for now I'll keep my computer screen free of finger smudges and stick with Windows 7.

  3. i'm getting that mouse and keyboard..

  4. kid, you're subscribed to ray william Johnson, smosh, annoying orange and basically the diarrhea of youtube… what makes you think your comment matters?

  5. Windows 8 is failing and is everyones fault

  6. looks cool and all but again if i wanted a tablet id buy one… ill stick with windows 7

  7. Guys, don't h8 the 8.

  8. Could you be anymore wrong? Plenty of monitors have normal sized, Windows use intended display ports for resolutions of 3840 by 2160. Plus with your own PC you can play games at 60 fps with that monitor and an actually good gaming computer. That gaming computer will also cost less.


  9. that doesn't mean it isn't stupid expensive if you don't really need it. Might I mention that if you're serious about sound, you'll have a pair of studio monitors on your desk, or at least some nice external speakers.

  10. just stick a windows 7 disc in and it'll get rid of the shit for you.

  11. *Feeds troll by replying to comment*

  12. I agree, I just got W8 last week to try it out myself at home. I'm a big fan of W7 so I took quite a bit of time to try out W8 outside a store (which teaches you very little if anything). I've got multiple hdd/ssd so I put it on a ssd, and….I'm in love! After you spend even 15 minutes with it, it REALLY starts to get good! Watching this vid I see a few other things I didn't know about (desktop user), and that's awesome since I was already very happy with it.

    TRY it, love it, buy it


  13. Good thing you can download a tskbar for windows 8 now

  14. Watch out guys, we have an apple fanboy here.

  15. 100% agree. The gripes against Win8 are from those that couldn't even get their VCR to stop flashing 12:00 (back before DVD) Win8 is nothing more than 7 with some tweaks and it's not hard to use it as is, or get classic shell to bypass the modern/metro UI and stop complaining.

  16. You Do Not Know How Wrong You Are. I Am Sorry What Apple Has Done To You. Its Called DisplayPort. Also Plz Stop Eating Into Apples BullShits 😀 Other Then That I Think Thats All

  17. Deleted bigger comment: In short: DVI-D goes a bit higher, lol @ speakers, webcams, cooling fans, enclosure, usb hubs, light sensor, and thunderbolt. We have all of that. Only unique thing you seem to have is magsafe, and that's just a power cable.

  18. Your question made no fucking sense. Go away, troll.

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