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20 Comments on Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 tips and tricks

  1. hello, question.  i have my phone for 3 years. but just today i went into systems, and somehow it now has a highlighted box around certain items. . start up screen, memos, etc. and i cant get to the tile menu.!!!!! IT WONT SWIPE TO OPEN.. any ideas how to get this off??? i did a re-start… ill do a soft re-start and see what that does…. what the heck…

  2. omg i just had that one 

  3. Are there any hidden keyboard options

  4. that was helpful, thanks

  5. You don`t get rid off an app if you click on a back button and click on the app, it just goes back to the app. You get off the app if you click on the back button REPEATEDLY!

  6. how did you get it to work i have a 920

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  8. It Dont Work By Pushing Both Buttons At The Same Time It Turns The Phone Off

  9. i had to do a hard reset to correct a couple issues now i am reinstalling my purchased apps the Nokia Music app won't work and none of the features are available…any suggestions?

  10. thx. very very useful of it!!! pls do more video like this about 920

  11. For all of you guys facing the problem with the absence of the music icon in bing search, it is due to the region your microsoft account is set to. The music feature is only available in a fee regions (USA, UK, Germany, Spain etc.) Hope this helped!

  12. i am having the same problem..i am using lumia 920 black
    do u know how to fix it ???

  13. thnx man very usefull………..but can u tell me where to find themes for nokia lumia 820………..i live in bahrain and some apps dont work at all .any solutions/?

  14. hoew to transfer the file from bluethooth

  15. I do not see the music icon on the bing search screen. How can i get that to work on my 920?

  16. When I click the search button there is only a vision icon to scan barcodes and what not, no music listening button, anyone else have this problem?

  17. The screenshot trick was brilliant. Didn't think the phone had this feature. Surprising how many other features it may have buried in there. And why don't they tell us these things! Thanks

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