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Nokia Lumia Black Tips and Tricks

Nokia’s Lumia Black update adds some interesting features to its Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphones, including Nokia Beamer (throw your screen to a mate’s device) and App Folder (finally, some desktop organisation). We should you how to update your Lumia mobile and get the most from Lumia Black and the new Nokia features.

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10 Comments on Nokia Lumia Black Tips and Tricks

  1. i don't have the glance on my 930  ><

  2. I love the Glance .

  3. I have the Nokia Lumia 625 and I'm on Nokia Black but I can't find Glance.

  4. Where are the tricks?

  5. i ve alredy got these features on my lumia 520 amber  6 month ago with priview for developers .and now whats new on black update ???  may be theres nothinh new

  6. Not available for the full lineup yet, as I have not received it on my 920.

  7. Beautifully explained. Windows phone is getting better day by day. Love it.

  8. Just a heads up, you don't need the black update to use the new folder app.

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