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Notepad++ tips and tricks

Notepad++ is an open-source text editor for Windows and is quite likely the best text editor for Windows. It has a huge range of features.So I use Notepad++ as my default text-editor. It’s simple and fast. Here are some tips for web developer and designer to use it effectively 🙂

11 Comments on Notepad++ tips and tricks

  1. juste type 3 apples wallpaper in google image and you get it :-)

  2. Great video!
    Also: Nice wallpaper – where did you get it? ;)

  3. your mumbling is disgusting
    video is unwatchable because of that

  4. After select a column when using the alt key is it possible to PASTE into the column?…ie

    if I select column 3(the number 2)


    can I paste in the number 4…


    Cheers for the tips:)

  5. excelent Example of tricks

  6. Liked. Beautifully presented. :)

  7. useful tips, thx! ;)

  8. thank you very much.

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