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NT-USB Tutorials: Setting up the NT-USB on Windows

With the universal compatibility of a USB connection and inbuilt A/D conversion, the NT-USB is ready to record straight out of the box.

In this video we walk you through getting set up on Windows 8
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11 Comments on NT-USB Tutorials: Setting up the NT-USB on Windows

  1. Anyone have any suggestions on how to make this mic work on Windows 8.1? My computer isn't recognizing it at all.

  2. Does this mic work on Windows 10?

  3. Does this mic work on windows 7? I've been searching the Internet but haven't found any hard evidence that it does. Much appreciated if I get a response by Røde.

  4. Need Help i have do all … but when i go on my TeamSpeak3 Server to talk with a frinde is the sounds of the microphone very bad … help

  5. my friends heared me but i didnt hear them

  6. can you help me

  7. i have a question i got the mic and wanted to use it with skype but it didnt work

  8. what about win7??????????

  9. Why exactly should a microphone be set as a playback device? That makes no sense to me, sorry.

  10. how much is this one?

  11. Rode microfono NT-USB impostazioni su Microsoft Windows

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