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NUMBERS (150 Roller Skating Tricks)

© The Infamous Skating Couple…epic roller skating
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A fearless Berlin-based duo with a dangerous bag of roller skating dance moves does Europe…

Haven’t seen part 2? Do so:

Neue Massenproduktion
Written, performed, shot, edited, produced and directed by
Alexandra Rothert & Sascha…

20 Comments on NUMBERS (150 Roller Skating Tricks)

  1. can you make a video for just number 17 I want to learn it

  2. you defiantly have a nice clothes..))) good job skating..))

  3. does trick number 4 have a specific name?

  4. Try using inline skates next time. I want to see how good you do then.

  5. Saberia me dizer qual a marca desses patins? Eles são montados separadamente ou ja são comprados assim? Esse estilo, que dança com patins, qual seria esse estilo? Quero saber porque tenho que comprar um desse de qualquer jeito……. Obrigado

  6. да ладно вам, это же убого

  7. rRght off the bat the intro was to long and then you guys put it in slow motion to drag it out even more!  Kinda boring I stayed watching as long as I could and made it to 2:31

  8. One of the best edited and conceived videos I've seen on Youtube! 

    Skating fucking rocks too.

  9. Very Nice. It's a shame to get elder.

  10. thanks for your great video

  11. What boot, plate and wheels is she wearing at 10:18? BTW, great production!

  12. how did i get from skateboarding to here?

  13. Quads are soooo last century. Inlines smash them.

  14. I love rollerskating but I have wide feet and I cant wear them for more than 10 minutes, I also cant find any good ones that are custom to foot type… Help?

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