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Ollydbg tutorial [2019] ollydbg cracking tutorial series + ollydbg download [Part 1]

Olly debugger tutorial [2019] Ollydbg basics + ollydbg download [Part 1]
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28 Comments on Ollydbg tutorial [2019] ollydbg cracking tutorial series + ollydbg download [Part 1]

  1. Hey man ik who are you i know your house and i know your face if you didn't respond i will post your address and your face in public

  2. It would be good if u actually spoke then hear that shit music shits annoying

  3. The application I tried won't even start in Ollydbg ("unable to start file error). What can I do about this?

  4. How do i Open a file when it says "Not a Valid PE File" and is Probably not a 32-bit Portable Executable.

  5. क्या है ये

  6. Please crack Speed plus software pls

  7. Can I have a link for downloading ollydbg

  8. Can you give example how to analys malware just a brief one. Thanks in advance

  9. Where is the part 2

  10. I didn't understand any of this. I am trying to learn but I dont know the vocabulary. I could just copy everything you do, but then I would just be a robot. I want to understand and know how to do this myself by understanding how it all works. You move so fast and for people like me you need to break it down and explain it better. maybe explain what the vocabulary means or give some definitions.

  11. Can you crack LongoMatch and NacSport?

  12. esta en ingles are un esfuerso

  13. can you crack ani software? im willing to donate sir.

  14. I always found terminated dialog in the right bottom tell me what i do for it?

  15. afternoon, bro, I want to, ask if the software x64 dbg, can I use the ixcube 4-10 sotware crack, the problem is I have tried the tutorial, I can't crack it, please tutorial on the ixcube 4-10 crack software, video or something, please enlightenment thank you

  16. I have a problem; when I open the video, stupid chipmunk music starts playing

  17. I have problem When i Open my file in ollydbg the error name is Not Valid PE and it says 32-bit probably not Portable Executable or something like that

  18. how to crack software demo only buy online no register key ——->3D Fish School V4.994 SCREENSAVER

  19. If software uses any license file without that software can not be converted to full version

  20. And what if software use online verification

  21. You need to speak…

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