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Open two apps on StartScreen SnapView ( Split Screen ) – Windows 8.1 Tutorial

In this Windows 8.1 tutorial I demonstrate how to have two apps open side by side ( SnapView ) or split screen from the Start Screen.

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9 Comments on Open two apps on StartScreen SnapView ( Split Screen ) – Windows 8.1 Tutorial

  1. Thank you for being the only YouTube video that I found that told me what I needed to know in 1 minute 22 seconds. 

    I am subscribing…PLEASE continue to do these minimal talk simplistic videos!!!!

  2. Thank you so so much. This video is very detailed & got straight to the point!!! Very helpful. 2 thumbs up

  3. How do I disable this retarded feature. When I want to switch to another tab on my browser, it blocks it. fucking anoyyingg shittttttttttttttttttt

  4. great  video   it seems so simple   except  do not get the little gripping hand at the top of the screen or the display of open apps from pointing to the left corner with my mouse,

  5. I used this feature after getting my new computer with 8.1, but now for some reason when I try to open the 2nd screen, it opens on top of the first screen I have open, not the empty screen. I'd appreciate any advice/help on this, thanks! 

  6. helped my son a lot.

  7. my screen used to take up about 1/5 of the screen now takes up 1/3 minimum which is too big is there a way to get the other screen back

  8. Love your web page, good video

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