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Oracle Database 12c Tutorial 5: How To Uninstall Oracle Database 12c From Windows 7

In This Tutorial You will Learn How To uninstall Oracle Database 12c Manually step by step. This is the proper uninstallation of Oracle 12c from windows systems By Manish Sharma RebellionRider


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20 Comments on Oracle Database 12c Tutorial 5: How To Uninstall Oracle Database 12c From Windows 7

  1. After deletition of the user I got this error now I can't even login to my windows. Error : "Your password was changed on a different device. You must sign in to this device once with your new password, and then you can sigin with your pin" ⚠ INSTANT HELP NEED ⚠ please I am begging.

  2. Thanks Manish. It helped me a lot.

  3. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, is it the same process to uninstall Oracle 11g?

  4. Thanks very much! I was able to delete the Oracle home directory with your help!

  5. There's a file named 'ewallet' in the xdb_wallet folder that can't be deleted… any ideas? Thanks!

  6. Very nice. I thought I knew but after this I learned over years it has become little more than few steps.

  7. Sir my you require permission from administrators to make changes to this folder

  8. That's a great video (also it's great You add subtitles – it make a lot easier to understand everything, no offence, I'm just not so good in understanding English from hearing) but… I stuck at step 3… I deleted majority if files but "cwallet.sso" and "ewalet" still remains.
    I check registries and I have no Oeacle registries left, I tried restart computer a few times, deletind single files, or folders from different levels (Oracle->admin->oracle->xdb_wallet) but still nothing. All the time I get firstly mesage that i need administrator permissions, I can go further clicking continue, but then I get acces denied and messafe i need permissions to perform that action. I try to use "try again" option or just cencel it and manually try again… but still nothing…

    I have some errors installing Oracle and now I want to delete and reinstall it… but I'm afraid it can can work properly if I wouldn't delete everything…

  9. after restart while deleting orclehome directory totally that time i got this type of error " the action can't be compeleted because the folder or an file init is open in another program ( try again or cancel ) sir help me sir

  10. Ho my god
    Thank you so much ????????????????????

  11. I have Oracle 11g and 12c both installed on my machine. How to delete the Oracle 12c database without affecting 11g because editing registry will be difficult as they do not have distinguishable names for OracleMTSRecoveryService. Can you please help me on this

  12. can we delete 11g after we install 12c?

  13. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THIS!!! Oracle is soooo bad

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