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Oracle Database tutorials 1: How to install Oracle Database 11g on windows 7

How To install Oracle Database 11g enterprise edition On windows 7 64 bit. Full installation in Single video. Enjoy SQL and Oracle Database

Download Oracle Database 11g from here

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38 Comments on Oracle Database tutorials 1: How to install Oracle Database 11g on windows 7

  1. Superb clear information and guidelines .
     It was done in one shot .Thank you so much!!

  2. best tutorial i have ever seen, lovin it _

  3. Such wonderful video. this video is very useful for download Oracle

  4. Unable to see the HR option in 12c database installed.. can u please guide

  5. Sharma thanks for very informative,clear and to the point vid,now i tried to install oracle 11g ,when it ask me to put the password it dont let me put oracle so i put my password now after done installation i tried run https://localhost:1158/em and now i got certificate error can you tell me what should i do.thanks

  6. creating local database failed. Oracle 9i in win 10

  7. From where you are copied URL??

  8. Manish Sharma local host refused to connect why this error coming

  9. Oracle administrative password is wrong

  10. Explained very well..
    Each and every step was clear,precise and on point.
    I appreciate.

  11. Thanks for this wonderful video. I tried to execute command sqlplus / as sysdba but got error 'sqlplus' is not recognized.

  12. Nice work ambiguity in installation made easy

  13. after complete all
    when I am going to log in then it show;
    Internal Error has occurred. Check the log file for details.
    now what can I do sir???

  14. hellow please
    tell me how can I get the product after close configuration page ..
    I forgot to copy the key

  15. hi sir….i stuck up on 55%….wt i suppose to do?

  16. thanks alot………finally i installed successfully. very useful

  17. im unable to login it's showing me internal error

  18. Database configuration is taking too long…..what to do? Please help…

  19. Date manipulation pe video banao na

  20. Where you got that localhost link

  21. Hi Manish,

    Can you help me why i am getting the below error while try to install…

    Error: Oracle Installer:[INS-13001] Environment does not meet minimum requirements.

  22. perfect thank you Manish!!!

  23. Hello sir could you plz sand me download link I can't find ..

  24. Very useful, Thank you so much!

  25. Can u give direct setup link

  26. Internal Error has occurred. Check the log file for details.
    any help for this problem. i face this every time i login

  27. hi manish when i put the link in browser it shows a message insecure connection and i cant go through it

  28. error while i entered password and it shows a popup msg is does not conform to the oracle recommended standards and ok or details button shows only ?

  29. What is the query(select name who is getting high annual sal)….if only monthly sal is known

  30. Hey Man, Thanks For the tutorial but I am having a error coming as "invalid literal/length code" . Can you please guide me how to fix it

  31. it says some directories are missing please help me sir

  32. Hiii sir I need Your help please share me your email address ….

  33. Excellent video. Really helpful!

    I'm having a problem with my Oracle Forms and Reports installation. It stucks at the Creating Domain step. Do you know what could be happening?

  34. How can we put sys password by using cmd

  35. Hello Manish Thank you for such beautiful video, i have question? could u please tell me when you were copying files from databse2 , then you paste it in database1, i did same,,,but as i copied it from db_1, and i was gonna paste it in db_2 , he is not letting me to do it, what sould i do? please reply

  36. Hello Manish i have question , if you could able to reply now ?

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