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Oracle Database tutorials 2:How To install SQL Developer on windows 7

How To Setup and install SQL Developer on windows 7
This SQL tutorial and Oracle database 11g tutorial for beginners will show how to Setup and install SQL Developer.

YouTube Video on How to create database

Oracle BLOG on SQL Developer

Direct Link To Download SQL Developer

Link for downloading Java JDK

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20 Comments on Oracle Database tutorials 2:How To install SQL Developer on windows 7

  1. hai manish i want to practise on jdk developer when i wanted to double click on sql developer it is asking please specify the path to the java jdk home,how will i do this pls help me.thanks in advance

  2. .very thank U M.
    Manish Sharma

  3. i have installed 12c. can i work 11g in 12c or do i need install 11g ??

  4. I'm opening SQL Developer from my desktop, but its saying "Please specify the path to the Java JDK Home". What should I do?

  5. your videos are very good and i like it

  6. Thank you so Much Manish ,  very helpful

  7. Thank you Sharma for your kind efforts. please upload a complete video of oracle installation over linux redhat. how to set the parameters and so on… it would be so nice of you

  8. I've done all of that and it's successful. But there are no query that able me to fomulate the code manish

  9. Hello, your videos are very good, I would like to know much more about Oracle database. Congratulations. Now, I had a drawback when installing the database, the DBCA tells me: Error starting Database Control, set the environment variable ORACLE_UNQNAME unique name database. I do not know how to do that to correct that mistake. You could guide me? Thank you.

  10. Dear sir ,  I can connect database (HR) using Sql Developer but unable to connect using CMD (command prompt) ,please tell me where i am going wrong , i am all new in this

  11. First of all ,thank you so much Sharma for your tutorial. I am new subscriber. i'm trying to learn oracle database 11g. your video tutorial is really helpful.

  12. Hello manish sir…There is no jdk file in my sqldeveloper to get the java jdk home path…

  13. Hi Manish,
    While i creating a connection i got this error  (( Status :Failure listener refused the connection with the following error :ORA-1205,TNS:listner does not currently know of SID given in connect description ))
    Please give me solution

  14. Sir my system configuration is 32 bit but there is no jdk file for 32 bit, please give me solution

  15. Hi Manish – I installed database and sql developer per your directions. However, while making new connection I got the following error message.
    Status: Failuer – Test Failed: Listner refused the connection with the following erro: ORA-12505, TNS:listner don

    I used following users with correct password, but still I'm constantly getting the error message.

    1. SYS
    2. SYSTEM
    3. SYSKM

    I tried SID= xe and SID=orcl, but that didn't work either. Pls advise how to fix this issue.

  16. Manish, thanks for the video. I have been able to install oracle 11g on windows 8 32 bit. However i got a warning when the enterprise manager was being configured during the installation. I am able to connect to the database. I am also able to use the "hr" schema to perform some queries. As a matter of fact, I am able to access all the tables in the hr schema. Unfortunately, if i start enterprise manager, i get an "internal error has occurred". message  Any assistance please?

  17. Hi Manish first of all Thanks for these video recording, its really helpful.

    now m facing 1 problem with SQL Developer, when m trying to connect hr user as per steps u shown in video, its giving me "ERROR : Status : failure -Test failed: IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection"

    Can u tell me what i did wrong, i did clean installation.

  18. Thank u sir , mere 32 bit pro. Ke liye konsa jdk download karu sir unspotable batata h pl aap koi link bata de or apne nuber bhi bataiye sir bahut si proble puchani h

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