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Outlook 2013 tutorial: Customizing the inbox |

See how to customize the layout of your Outlook 2013 inbox. Watch more at

This tutorial is a single movie from the Outlook 2013 Essential Training course presented by author Jess Stratton. The complete course duration is 3 hours and 4 minutes long and shows how to manage your email inbox and calendars better with…

20 Comments on Outlook 2013 tutorial: Customizing the inbox |

  1. Very useful video about view Inbox settings. Thank you Lynda.

  2. "All" and "Unread" buttons are quite useful for managing in 'inbox' at user's end. This option helps the user to focus on the messages they want.

  3. Show us how to search some phrase in open message (not in the entire universe but in one, open mail… just like we search text on the screen choosing Ctrl+F)
    Show us how to change font to size… let say 13pt (not 'big', 'small' or whatever)
    Show us how to change font size in left pane – catalogs
    Show us how to with one click chose BCC header
    Show us how to forward message adding some text to body (just one click not 1000 steps to achieve this simple operation).

    Now u see how real mail client should look like?

  4. Look at all the lovely white space. Really clever how MS has managed to fill the screen with white space. 

  5. Da Ru SandStorm/ <3 v cwl v sweg v herpfuw

  6. 1. removal sign -up outlook button =cell padding #6e6e6e = programmers are6evil6evil6evil ?
    2. verifycode = not working called counterworked clientside lifestyle.htmlindex

  7. thanks for the help!!

  8. I think, this version has improved compact option for reducing size of heavy PST file.

  9. Jeeez I just started using outlook 2013 and already got 3 massive bugs – windows live mail is better and its like 5 years old!

  10. Excellent Outlook 2013 tutorial

  11. where is outlook onmy windows 7 it tells me to download windows live. any ideas

  12. i am having the same problem how did you fix it.

  13. excellent and informative!

  14. Thank you for a simple tutorial to help customize my inbox. If I need additional help, I will check out what you have to offer. I appreciate people who promote free education over resources like youtube.

  15. Microsoft 'fast' is not the same as other email systems – so when a m'soft employee says it's "fast" – its a meaningless response.
    Rather than continue with the same arrogant attitude of all brainwashed m'soft employees, if you want to know the PROBLEMS with Outlook – READ my comments
    That stupid 'apology' they post is useless.
    It should read "Broken Down Again"
    (Sorry, have I typed this too fast for you & M'soft)?

  16. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? I have set up my account on Outlook 2013 but for some reason incoming mails are not being picked up in my inbox.. I can see on webmail that messages are coming in and I can send out messages from my account on outlook but Inbox is just not picking up!! Have messed with settings but getting nowhere.. any tips??

  17. So…I see all the emails I wont to delete …I tick/click the boxes then when I have done a few I click the next one and it clears all the marked boxes so I have to start again …How can I fix This???? Its a Pain in the Ass

  18. I'm sick of this lousy OUTLOOK forced on Hotmail users by 'The New IBM'
    WHEN IS IT EVER going to work FAST? – OR AT ALL?
    How many times do we have to put up with the 'apology' because it isn't working?
    WHY can't it load SuperFast – like Yahoo &Gmail?
    Why don't Yahoo &Gmail break down? Go S L O W? Or stop working altogether If Microsoft are so Wonderful &so Much Better?

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