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Outplay Your Opponents With These Building Techniques! | Win Every 1v1 | Fortnite Battle Royal Tips

This Fortnite Video Will show You how to build and outplay your opponents with these building tips & tricks, win every 1v1. Let me know in the comments below if this video has helped you out!

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42 Comments on Outplay Your Opponents With These Building Techniques! | Win Every 1v1 | Fortnite Battle Royal Tips

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  2. Nice tutorial but ur building is kinda slow

  3. That tower window trick is some manipulative-girlfriend level conditioning

  4. Great vid! Keep it up!

  5. U can make two windows on 1 wall just saying cuz he didn’t

  6. I came from lizo he said he gives nice tips and really do nice gg

  7. Thanks really nice video I learned a lo

  8. Only 50k? You deserve more

  9. Best builring guide on youtube.Gg bro great work

  10. And your tips are so good

  11. Holy crap you are better than ninja

  12. This video was so well edited!!! I can see you really put in the time and effort. Even though this comment is a couple months late, I still wanna say I highly appreciate the effort you went through to make this video for your subs!
    Great job and keep up the great work dude!!

  13. Blink GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL I've been looking for a video like this for a long time ,ty soMUCH!

  14. Trouble is I know I will forget these tips :/ nice video anyway 🙂

  15. some are can help me and some cant

  16. Oh my god you helped me so much love you

  17. Great guide! But you talked a bit too fast

  18. Best channel for fortnite tutorials I found

  19. i can build as good as many streamers but my aim is so fucking bad

  20. Yeeeeaa, he’s definitely on PC

  21. Nice, now that counter building stuff is starting to make sense 🙂

  22. Haha, that window/top peek is dirty XD

  23. You talk like a nerd
    I trust what you say

  24. I appreciate these videos so much!

  25. Jam packed with info. Thanks dude

  26. I know this is late but you seem like such a genuinely nice guy man keep it up homie

  27. Thanks man this helped me alot ! nice video

  28. Bro thank u for this video it helped me very much !! And improve my building thank u bro !

  29. I know this was posted 3 months ago but I really hope you still post theses guides. Very helpful for us Fornite and PC noobs.

  30. Lots of great Tips Subbed there were things I didn't know like knowing that I won't take damage from 3rd floor

  31. so you can praAactice sounded like a sheep

  32. When i saw your video in recomended and i watch it i thought i was looking at a channel with 1 mil+ subscribers… Your videos are pure quality! 😀

  33. After watching this video I feel ashamed and stupid of myself. Such genius I didn't know about

  34. Good content bro. Very useful.

  35. Omg your tips r amazing!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  36. Loved this tutorial. Very fast, yet informative. no wasted time in the video

  37. It’s 8.5 seconds though right? Cause 19 divided by 2 = 8.5. And 400 divided by 2 = 200 so wouldn’t it be 200hp for 8.5 seconds instead of 7.5 seconds? 3>

  38. Video helped me so much to win first solo squad win. Thank you

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