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Plague Inc: Tips, Tricks, and Strats for all Plague types (Brutal)

I’ve been playing a lot of Plague Inc since release, and started playing even more since the game added Google Play achievements to it, so I thought I’d take the time to share some of the strategies I used to beat Plague Inc with all disease types on the hardest difficulty: Brutal.

If someone from YouTube is reading this, here is my approval to monetize this video:

40 Comments on Plague Inc: Tips, Tricks, and Strats for all Plague types (Brutal)

  1. I did not understand a word he said ????

  2. There’s a gene to stop the virus mutation and replaces it with transmission

  3. I have had the most problem infecting Greenland and once Greenland is infected Iceland is left! So annoying!!!

  4. I always start in Egypt

  5. How to become good at the game:
    1. buy all genes
    2. use them in a good combo

    With mega brutal was easier than normal without genes

  6. Gotta disagree about Fungus, it's one of the easiest to use and win with simply by using two key genes: first the one that stops abilities from increasing their cost. Every spore burst costs 1 DNA and infects a new nation which rewards you with at least 1 DNA via a red bubble. And second, use the gene that increases the DNA you get from red bubbles.

    This is so simple I've gotta question the worthiness of the rest of your video 🙁

  7. Public defecation is insanity? Does this mean India is full of insane people

  8. but how do i get a high score? i always get 3/5 i dont know what my overral performance is based on

  9. Happy 5th birthday lololol

  10. Ok I know this video is old but here’s some tips:
    1.get your infectivity up and severity as more severity means you get more DNA from red bubbles and and orange bubbles

    2.Always start in China as the high population will give you more orange bubbles and will open up gateways to Russia,the Middle East-etc.


  12. In the news (in the game) for me it said that exploding headphones make PUBG fully realistic.

  13. Diarrhoea + Sneezing = Oops! literally lol

  14. Greenland dose not benefit me. I am barely making any progress. Guess I am not starting in Greenland anymore. But…. I did eliminate all healthy people in Greenland.

  15. I ended up infecting every person in the world before adding symptoms.
    But then literally every doctor in the world worked on the cure and pounded my ass into the ground.

  16. How about the specials?

  17. I think i fucked up im at a standstill half of the world is dead and fuccing canada iceland greenland and sweden are 65% i reshuffled dna but iam at a standstill…

  18. Greenland

    So fuccin hard i started in philippines since its poor and populated

  19. This is why I always start in Greenland but when I pick a normal country the carribian or madacastar screw me over

  20. How do I stop them from decreasing the infected when they still haven't gotten the cure?

  21. I would have criticised this if it wasnt published in 2013 xD its %90 nice

  22. I just start in saudie arbia because: ALAH AKBAR

  23. ive thought of this strat before the video wow

  24. thanks for talking fast… i didn't catch and learn anything :/


  26. lmao insomnia evolved and ive been sitting at my dest for like 3 hours and nothing is happening.

    Edit – Everyone is dead except people in greenland. Im getting no DNA points and this is really boring.

    Edit – Peru is the last country alive, still not enough DNA points to evolve anything.

    Edit – 10,000 people left to live. Im almost done.

    Edit – 5,000 :3

    Edit – 1k!!!!

    Edit – I HAVE DONE IT!

    nueoworm completed

  27. Tip for virus. Use the DNA custom ability to make it unable to increase in price when devolving

  28. Why the hell do some healthy people survive if it tells me no one is alive in the certain country? This is some walking dead shit right here! How the ever loving god do people live if they haven’t been treated at all? I had like no one surviving last time and now like 50,000,000 people survived and the other 7 billion are dead. #PlaugeIncLogic

  29. In my opinion India is the best start location, just based on the fact it's the easiest way to reach 1 billion. And they have both air and sea ports, with lots of close and significant land borders

  30. My friend thought that Plague Inc is created by illuminati and the illuminati wanted to find out the fastest way to kill all humans by this game, lol

  31. You should bigin with russia cause i start from another place and russia had like 500 invected while the other hadall red

  32. YES! YEEEEEEEEES! intelligent plagues on humanity

  33. I really suck at this game i cant even beat the first one on easy :/

  34. Umm Coma is the 4th deadliest. Necrosis and Hemorrhagic Shock are the 2nd and 3rd deadliest.

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