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19 Comments on Plasma Ball Trick

  1. works at rallys?

  2. This gives me a very strong tingle/ASMR feel… Strange…

  3. ''a-looo-meen-e-yum'' – British Guy Circa 2010

  4. I'm British and proud with our aluminium and tea and marmalade and crumpits and so many ands and and and and…… what am I doing with my life

  5. Having trouble with foil lol

  6. Bitch gtfo with that pussy shit, when I was 8 I connected two wires of my desklamp with aluminium foil and made lightnings, I was the wizard of our neighbourhood.

  7. i love plasma balls. there is something relaxing about just looking into it. even more so when ya stoned lol

  8. the best trick I ever did with one of those was to lick it.

  9. My dream in life is to make 1000 YouTube videos with 3 million views each, all of which show, directly beneath, as the first thing you see when scrolling down, a comment by a guy named J Goose, that reads, "Fucking garbage, get a job asswipe," including that angry-drunk comma at the end instead of a period.  And if, directly under that, the next-to-last reply in a thread to one of them read, "dude who are you talking to I just want to know" my cups will have runneth over, serenely, and in the radiance of insouciant laughter, I would quietly renounce cigars, Nestle Trollhouse cookies, the winter gloom of northern climates, and other unhealthy medicines, then proceed without regret to the beaches of French Polynesia, and stripped down to a thong through which my tanned prick shows in gleaming nylon silhouette beneath washboard abs, I'd make 1000 more.  I may have to conjure another J Goose out of thin air to make sure all my video comments were topped with "Fucking garbage, get a job asswipe," but an imaginary collaborator is better than none at all, especially if your work is play.

  10. what would happen if you broke the glass and put your tongue on the electrode

  11. fun little thing i discovered as a kid when i had one of these is take two screw drivers, place the metal end onto the plasma ball, then place the metal from the other screw driver on top of the first (gets a bit awkward to hold, works best if you tape them together or get a friend to hold them) now, go to touch the end over the top screw driver, you'll get a shocking surprise :)

  12. what so ever anyway

  13. more then 5 years later im watching this…….

  14. This guy looks like he works at checkers 

  15. Is this from 1892

  16. Dumb video, but cute guy

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