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Pro Tools for Beginners Tutorial – Part 1 – Navigation

Welcome to the first video in our “Pro Tools for Beginners” series. In this video, Jason de Wilde, Head of Audio at the Australian Institute of Music takes us through a quick tour of the main two windows of Pro Tools and explores the basic techniques and tools for navigation. You will see main parts of the Edit Window, and the Mix Window to get you started. Remember if you have any comments or questions, please let us know.

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20 Comments on Pro Tools for Beginners Tutorial – Part 1 – Navigation

  1. bouta make a beat

  2. Here’s something I want to share that I created years ago on ProTools 8!

  3. A few differences of opinion…

    What??? Not recommending keyboard shortcuts???

    Wrooooong !
    You’re going to slow the workflow way down.

    Memorize EVERYTHING

    7:17 Markers are SUPER important

    I like this and I’m not dogging the guy, but the mark of a great teacher is to not presume that people know things.
    Space bar =play.,
    And by the way
    command space bar = record.

  4. why do people make beginner tutorials but never start at the beginning? if you cant do something right then you shouldn't do it at all

  5. I cannot access the mix window

  6. can u import track in it from ur files and then sing song on it

  7. Hello, I just got my first download flash drive and heard that it stops working after a few months and you have to keep buying a subscription. or pay for updates. Is this true/ I can MAYBE deal with once a year just like norton. But hopefully not much more than that. Please clear this up.


  9. Hi there. Cool video but I am still stuck…. very simple question. Can I make music (techno) with PT? Are there patches and I can build up layers of music or is PT more like Audacity where I need to import layers which are already made? Thanks

  10. how to select patches in midi programing ?

  11. Cursor jumping around!!

  12. Great video.. great insight into common quirks and hidden drop boxes etc. Bang'n.

  13. Very informative and well presented too. I'll check out your other tutorials.

  14. I have a question regarding protools and if a wavefront theremin midi/CV interface can be use together. How do I know if they are compatible?

  15. Honestly, I learnt most of my pro tools skills from here. I even went further to create some tutorials on my channel after producing for my own artists in my own studio.
    Thanks a lot, I can't thank you enough!

  16. You call this a beginers tutorial. How the hell did yoy chang the windiws or are we to use mental telepathy?

  17. That intro was so Sum 41 sounding

  18. Thank you ! Video bell

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