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PS4 Remote Play PC Windows 7 8 Vista Tutorial 2017

**UPDATED LINK 6/22/2017 **

minimum system requirements, Dont be a dumbass.

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38 Comments on PS4 Remote Play PC Windows 7 8 Vista Tutorial 2017

  1. why talk like a nigga?

  2. doesnt work for vista or windows 7, also need premuim. He could just be useing a theme beacuse my windows 7 of coursse has themes and that is one of them, windows vista.

  3. u guyz can maybe try it on a VM

  4. Is this safe for ur pc

  5. I can't download it requires premium member

  6. It says I need premium membership for the free app I already have an account tf

  7. IS this real? No virus or trying to steal info? No offense, oragami. Just want to be sure

  8. This is unplayable on my pc, works okay on my Vita but the frame loss and stuttering is unbearable. I primarily game on PC and don't have any internet issues with my computer, so I'm not sure what the problem might be. There's also a half second delay when the image is displayed on my pc.

  9. And what is pin?

  10. Does your ps4 need to be on

  11. lets get something out it worked but the latency made it uplayable but if you still want to do it here is how step by step
    1-you need to register
    2-download and instal the file
    3-go on the remote play screan (the one where it gives you the code for connecting remoteplay)
    3-find your ip from this website(
    4-go PS4 and conect (its going to ask you for ip just select the second box where it says search and connect)
    5-you need 2 profiles to be able to use the controller (i suggest do the whole prosses with your second acc and when you have done all the steps press the ps button and load your profile

  12. it said ps4 log error or something like that tho i wrote the name corectly(srry for the bad spelling)

  13. This isn't working for me.
    I am on win 7 64 bit

  14. IT HAS adware i think

  15. How can i register my ps4 ???????

  16. I connect to my ps4 and then when I connect my controller to my ps4 it stops the connection. what gives?

  17. how do u find your cart?

  18. I just wanted to know when using this software our information of the ps4 can be stolen because it is not the official play remote of sony

  19. wtf it worked once and now it doesnt work

  20. When I register it won't let me play…

  21. Is this not a tutorial…? What do you do after you download the file from the site??

  22. What is PIN and IP?

  23. AHH!! this is nice, this is working on my win 7.


  24. Caution viewers: Mute volume.

  25. So when i play gta v online why cant i open my menu and change camera view, the big rectangle on contoler dosent work

  26. ur mic is cancer XD

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