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Rainbow Six Siege Tips & Tricks How to get better on PC & Console Improve Aiming good Copper Diamond

Rainbow Six Siege Tips & Tricks How to get better/good on PC & Console Improve Aiming Copper to Diamond.
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These are tips and tricks how to improve your rank in Rainbow Six Siege. I teach you how to aim for the head on both the pc, xbox, and ps4 console. How sounds work in rainbow six siege. What settings to put on in the…

24 Comments on Rainbow Six Siege Tips & Tricks How to get better on PC & Console Improve Aiming good Copper Diamond

  1. Thank you I will actnolige what you sead to in prove my gaimplay

  2. Too sad old hereford got removed

  3. Lol thanks got to plat 2.. was on gold 3

  4. Console : Buy a PC
    PC : Improve social skills and talk with people you introverts

  5. 3:47 I have never seen the map like that only in TH when its article 5

  6. I think my aim is OK but I just freak out if anyone comes right in front of me

  7. damn i miss bartlett u.

  8. You can cancel a reaload just by aiming or shooting

  9. Any tips for a console player trying to adapt to pc

  10. I think one of my enemies watched your vid

  11. how do you use the items cuz im new to rainbow six siege

  12. AIM BOOSTER is dope

  13. My dude, even thought this was a year ago, i got a rank up doing this! Thanks.

  14. Liked and subbed !

  15. Thx dude u made pro


  17. my mouse has 2000 dpi

  18. Problem with shooting barricade down is that you need to reload. A thing that happened to me few times cus of that is that cavera/ela decided to rush me as soon as I was reloading.
    What I do recommend to do if you shoot a barricade down is to pull up your secondary for few seconds to see if anyone is gonna rush outside and then reload.

  19. Why headphones if I can hear where shots and stuff are coming from? Others probably do as well.

  20. Have not seen Bartlett U. In a while lol

  21. Aim booster is shot because it uses your mouse sensitivity.

  22. Wich dpi have u guys?

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