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Rainmeter Tutorial | Brandon Bias’ Rainmeter Setup | Customize Your Windows Desktop

Lots of people kept asking me about my desktop, wondering if it was Windows 8 (and it wasn’t) so I decided to make a tutorial on it! Pretty straightforward :p

By the way, thanks to Tyler Clark for providing the music in this video!! =) You guys should check out his music here on YouTube!


How It’s Made:

Download It:


20 Comments on Rainmeter Tutorial | Brandon Bias’ Rainmeter Setup | Customize Your Windows Desktop

  1. Does any one know if it works for windows 10???

  2. So basically, we are in a sense at least modding the desktop.
    Huh, cool.

  3. Is this a virus? it is a .exe file.

  4. +Ch-Ch-Check It Techno – Logic went down how can i get it?

  5. +Ch-Ch-Check It how do i get my desktop icons to show up and i cant make the panles iphone shade what can i do to fix it?

  6. It wont let me select the different button styles! Can you please help?

  7. The Techno-Logic submission has been deleted. Please fix this.

  8. Techno-Logic skin does not exist any more, i clicked on the link but it wont show up
    If u have any other way to download it.

  9. If someone has a copy of technologic still on their pc or something, can you be kind enough to create a new link since the old one was deleted? I'll appreciate it :D

  10. such a great tutorial, i had recently installed rainmeter and had no clue how to customize my desktop. Omnimo is amazing and your tutorial was the first that actually helped me set everything in motion, thank you!

  11. What cursor are you using for your mouse?

  12. THIS IS PERFECT!!!! ♥

  13. Mac user just died month ago because of this! LOL

  14. Rest in peace mac users


  16. where does the task bar go?

  17. I pressed remove desktop icons on accident, and I accepted. Now I can't get them back! Help!

  18. how do i deinstall omnimo?

  19. how you keep your icons on the top??

  20. Is this Available for Mac 2

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