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Repair Windows 10 Using Automatic Repair [Tutorial]

Repair Windows 10 using Automatic Repair functionality built-into Windows. You can also achieve this troubleshooting menu by downloading the Windows 10 Media Creation tool through Microsoft (link below), burn to a CD/DVD/USB, and boot computer to media. Proceed to select “Repair Your Computer” option on the bottom right corner of the window after selecting language and keyboard inputs.

Windows 10 comes with its own repair tool but sometimes Windows 10 Automatic Repair can’t fix your…

39 Comments on Repair Windows 10 Using Automatic Repair [Tutorial]

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  2. I cant see my admin name in the automatic repair screen after the command prompt fix.

  3. Please give me Microsoft windows version 10.0.15063

  4. after all the command prompts, when i close out it goes to a blank blue screen.

  5. Can you help me??? Im stuck in automatic repair loop since i try the cd regback then dir. i continue even all DIGITS ARE O. Now i cant get out in automatic repair loop…

  6. i am not finding Windows in C directory what should I do now??

  7. Ok before you throw away your computer here is the Fix !
    It took me all day.

    So I have a 4 year old computer originally with Windows 8 , then upgraded to Windows 10.
    -I did the factory reset because the computer was slow and I wanted it to be new again.
    -Then I got still in this Loop where it says unable to start and need to update.
    -So I kept force shutting down until I got stuck in the repair loop above.
    -I then found this video and tried the command prompt and offcourse with my luck all the values were 0.
    -I then tried to reset and delete everything again , but it gave me a new error that this is not possible.

    What I did is :
    Troubleshoot – Advanced options – system image recovery – cancel – browse – I did not have an image but through this window I managed to format my C partition (Scary I know)
    -This made my laptop get out of the infinite loop but it crashed into the error 0X00000f.
    -I then downloaded the windows 10 iso and using Power ISO and Rufus (free download) created a bootable USB .
    -I then restarted the laptop again , changed into LEGACY booting and booted from the USB , and got the small blue screen and chose install Windows and installed a fresh copy of windows and then it worked.
    Feel free to contact me for further details , I am using the computer now and I was just about to throw it away two hours ago.

  8. Omg i tried the first method and it worked, you saved my pc, the only video on YouTube which works, many respects and thank you very much!!

  9. thank you very very much.☺☺☺☺????????????????????????????????????????????

  10. when you did everything and it goes right back to the start of the whole mess wtf am I going to do.

  11. Hello everyone! I'm doing the prompt CMD procedure and when I'm at step> copy . .. it says "The system cannot find the file specified. 0 file(sl) copied.
    Anyone knows what to do or how to fix that?

  12. I keep getting overwrite backup before the reg part

  13. Very very thnx bro.

  14. I just tried this method when my pc ran into an issue after I refreshed windows or reset windows so it was new and clean. After doing this my pc kept getting stuck on the dell logo whenever I started my pc. I got into windows eventually and installed programs that I had before and when downloading drivers my pc automatically restarted and put me back in the same situation I was previously in. If anyone can help me that would be much appreciated.

  15. At 5:33 it just says that startup coulnt repair my pc

  16. Bro thank you do much bro

  17. I can make money doing this

  18. It's worked thanks bro

  19. How to disable this command

  20. Directory of C: not found

  21. What do I do if zero bytes are free how do I free storage

  22. Almost commit suicide bro till your last option fix my problem. Tried every tuts on youtube. This one works

  23. Thank you sooo muchhh…..

  24. Cảm ơn bạn mình đã làm được

  25. I swear to God I wanna give you a bro hug right now,thanx a lot for the help… you are the best

  26. Wow Sir, your great this really worked for me !

  27. I still put me into the automatic repair screen. And I can’t go into safe mode cause my keyboard disabled when I go into startup settings which means I can’t select a number

  28. pls help, after scanning hitmanpro my pc is not starting up ..automatic repair goes on and windows defender scanning offline.. pls help

  29. Thank you so much… Love you

  30. what is it says I do not have a restore point set up on computer.

  31. Once I tap enter it writes path Connor be found

  32. thanks bro u saved my pc

  33. Oh jeez third method works ty

  34. Really helpful thanks for uploading this video

  35. thank by respectly, I did same, fixed my win, thankkkkkkkkkk

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