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Reset windows 8 password – No Software Download needed

This method not work for you? Check alternative method: : Windows 8 passwords reset with this *EASIER* alternative method, simply download it, burn a password reset USB or CD. Plug it in your Windows 8/8.1 computer and with a click of a button you can reset/remove your forgotten or lost Windows 8 User or Administrator password. Works also on XP+Vista+7.

Easy to follow tutorial with steps on how to reset your windows 8 password if you have forgotten the…

20 Comments on Reset windows 8 password – No Software Download needed

  1. How do you undo the command line change when you are done?

  2. miller what i have to do to have that click for cd or usb on my laptop win 8.1 i forgot pass and mme not have that usb or dvd cd what i have to do plss help me?

  3. >> How can I get into my PC without an admin password? <<<

  4. Dude…that worked perfect. I spent 3 or 4 hours looking for a easy solution for this. I downloaded a few programs and password reset ISO's and nothing would work on this brand new laptop. Probably driver related but anyways….This was a real fix for me. Smart and sneaky. I won't forget it :)

  5. didnt you have to download the windows recovery software

  6. I might have missed it, but how do you create the usb/cd that you used as the source for your new cmd.exe? As on my main computer I have updated to windows 10, I do not have easy access to a windows 8.1 computer to create a "recovery drive/cd" that I would use as a source for this process

  7. How do I revert back to the way ease of access was? I just copy utilman.exe.bak into utilman.exe? Btw, great tutorial! Thank you and big thumbs up!

  8. hi millers.
    can i install window 8 and activate it ?

  9. This assumes that you have your original Win8 DVD, or a recovery disk, yes?

  10. Didn't work on my Win 8

  11. iwatched like 6 other videos your is the one that FINALLY worked! thanks(:

  12. So does the kind of cd I insert matter? Like does it have to blank, ect

  13. how did you boot off the cd/usb drive

  14. When I insert my disk, nothing happens a and I am using an actual windows 8 not virtual box

  15. Thanks you very much :))))

  16. I fucking love you. This worked perfectly on my Windows 10 computer. Took me a while but for some reason the actual file for Utilman.exe wasn't on my C drive but on another one. Oh well, i figured it out.

    From now on i'm going to make sure i unplug all HDDs other than the one i want the OS on when I load a new OS.

  17. shitee u said no download needed but u still need to download from you description

  18. Hey I would like if u can reply to this and rite down all the commands all in steps because I have to use my phone to search this up because I forgot my password for my computer. and I can't see what it typing kinda its all too small it would be great if u do that for me thanks man :)

  19. Perfect but how to reverse this because te cmd won't go anywhere 

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