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Resolving Issues in Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 8) | HP Computers | HP

Learn how to troubleshoot and solve common Internet Explorer 11 problems in Windows 8. Issues that are addressed in this video include compatibility, deleting add-ons and customizations, resetting the IP settings, spyware, error messages, startup problems, and more.

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33 Comments on Resolving Issues in Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 8) | HP Computers | HP

  1. Thankius totatales I fixed my computer with u help.

  2. Thanks for this video

  3. Thaaankk YOU Soo MUCCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love You!!!

  4. good video fix my problem 100%

  5. please help when ever i try n download winzip it says to upgrade to IE8

  6. How to disable double tap zoom in? In internet explorer

  7. please help me my internet explorer not working

  8. this was a great help, thank you!

  9. I have a question. 1. My hp laptop says that I need to download Flash player and my computer does not have it. When I go to download it I have Flash player yet my computer say I already have Flash player. This makes NO Sense to me. It says my Browser is old and needs an update yet no updates. 2. I have Macfee could MacAfee be blocking any of my Flash player downloads. Im using the Big IE 11 Windows 8. The big Blue internet. Not the normal Internet. The internet where the tools look like a Wren. a Star and a refresh button and a square.

  10. thanks this really helped me alot


  12. I have no internet explorer how do I reinstall it?

  13. i'm safe from virus and malware and I did all tat and IE 11 still can't open google

  14. hi there I get flickers screen when on facebook and other websites then goes white and blank,just scan it comes up corrupt files it this what I got to fix??

  15. When I go onto my internet I'll have to wait about 10 minutes for it to load and all that loads up is internet saying can't load webpage and I don't want to try these options in case they make my laptop lag or go completely slow and cause viruses and I really need my internet to work right now please help!!!

  16. Just bought a lovely HP Spectre x360 and working IE11 because it is unbelievably smoother than other browsers, to my great surprise.

    However, there are some sites that I cannot two-finger scroll at all and the page goes up and down only from the bar at the right. Could I do something about it?

  17. This is great.. thanks for the help.:)

  18. I have no internet explorer! pls help!

  19. How do I get internet explorer back, it just disappeared from my computer

  20. flash player does not work so I cannot access the player settings from the site unless I change the security settings in ACYIVE X IN THE IE ADVANCED SETTINGS  funny thing about posts is no one really reads them its doing a lot of nothing

  21. been her doing this for ten thousand times its in all of the "fixes" in Microsoft and Adobe my active x is off flash player object enabled still get a message from adobe your flash player is not enabled follow these steps ????????? and there is this annoying pop up at the bottom saying do you want to enable flash player for this site clicking on allow just reloads  the page with the same popup allow for all sites does the same thing no help from Microsoft just keep getting the same idiot saying the same thing Adobe same thing I got it working by doing some things in security settings but IE to active x controls but IE wont leave me alone saying your settings are unsafe so I am just using google for now till someone shows  me or I figure out what the problem is damned annoying cause google is just too slow

  22. I'm having trouble with Internet Explorer 11. I can do absolutely nothing on it. I click it from the metro view and desktop view, and nothing. It just brings up the browser with a black white screen and when I try to type in a website it tells me IE is not working and asks me to close the window. I've tried everything in this video. I need major help.

  23. Hi I download a sega mega drive emulated for my new Alienware x51 pc from with sonic 3 and knuckles and now every time I go on the Internet it's says " Internet explorer has stopped working" I scanned my computer about 3 times fully and I can't find the problem. Please can you help me !!!

  24. If I open the Internet Explorer App, it sends me to the deskstop.

  25. hi can you please help me out I keep losing internet explore 11 
    from my task bar and apps on wins 8.1 laptop hp pavilion 15-po77na
    and i want to use chrome and Firefox browser's  as well

  26. Thank You So Mutch Worked For Me!!!

  27. Windows 8, IE 11. This keep happening, I can't close a tab. I can open a new one and browse, but I can't do anything to the other one. Do you know how to fix this? Thank you.

  28. Im having problems with all my apps its saying there's a problem connecting but yet I can use desktop internet explorer what do I do

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