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Rise of Kingdoms (ROC)- How I get free gems. No Hacks or Cheats required.

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I have been using google rewards for a very long time now. You can purchase in game purchases using the credits you accumulate from google rewards and you can also buy games or books in the play store. Sorry for iOS, This is one of the reasons why I am still…

22 Comments on Rise of Kingdoms (ROC)- How I get free gems. No Hacks or Cheats required.

  1. tested all of the websites for free free gems, coins, gold or whatever, and only GameCrook was real.

  2. Yo, It looks like GameCrook is the only legit web site. I can not believe that there is so many fake sites on Youtube.

  3. is this for ios?

  4. Duh its fake try using Gamecrook in Google

  5. Game is really awesome.

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  7. In title u put roc but it’s rok

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  10. Omg I was watching this video at 10:02

  11. Does it work on iPhone

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  14. Try this one…it's what I always use to add tons of resources postisguides. com

  15. Thumbs down for this bs

  16. Thanks for this Shinchi42! I didn't Google had this app.

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  18. 'I will never direct you to any apps or websites or anything like that' (does exactly that)

  19. hello guys, Unbelievable !!! I can now get full of gems by using *ZEPISGUIDES. COM

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