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Roulette – How to Win EVERY TIME! Easy Strategy, Anyone can do it! Part 5

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Roulette, one of the easiest casino games to play and understand. We will go over the best strategy’s to win every time, and what to look for in a casino (as in, a casino that has the table setup to give you the best odds). Normally, the best odds are 47.37%, I will show you how to increase it to 94.74% and why it works!
I have just returned from the Casino. It is 3:07 AM. I am over $1,000 richer…

38 Comments on Roulette – How to Win EVERY TIME! Easy Strategy, Anyone can do it! Part 5

  1. I'm Not Rich, Budget Is A $40.00 Will It Still Work??

  2. I've never been to a casino yet. But I can't see a casino letting you doubling your bet every time you lose. I've played this way on games before but only with 1 color at a time. You could lose 20 times in a row and as long as you have the money to cover the bet you'll win back the money plus your initial bet.

  3. this is so dumb lol you ill always end up with the amount you betted. How stupid are you

  4. aside from going broke really quick, you are only ever winning your money back. you never actually win anything over and above what you spent at any time.

  5. Hey, a person could actually start their own little mini casino with this software on the iPad! Step up and place your bets folks!

  6. What crazy, where did you learn to judge or just look pure like?

  7. What was he drinking ????

  8. U seem more confused than I was before I watched this video

  9. i got a system that works almost all the time i watch numbers and when i feel the number going down i put a 100 on 19-36 win extra hundred then go play blackjack with casino 100

  10. I’ll win money for you … message me … no catch … I’ll predict your numbers for you to help you win … try me out for free !!!

  11. You idiot you land on 0 or 00 you lose everything . Best odds is 42 % get a self help book and read .

  12. 手机那个轮盘在哪下载应用

  13. this video is STUPID and the guy is even more STUPID if he really believes what he is saying. first of all, your "roulette wheel" doesn't even have a 00 on it, like your board and most roulette wheels do.

    everything about this system is pure stupidity.

  14. Let me guess, mommy and daddy are at work and your in the basement because this is your life.

  15. You cannot assure yourself , if you keep in getting the wrong colour, your scuppered. This betting is as random as the iPad roulette wheel.

  16. Where's the part where you win?

  17. His main words are ok I lost that one

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  20. Title says anyone can do it. guy doing video in say not recommended for beginners

  21. The trick is to double, triple your bets and so on when you lose until you win to get your money back. Or if you're smart you just won't gamble…

  22. Any form of martingale system on a bet that is negative ev is a trip to the poorhouse; Please nobody try this in real life you will lose your money.

    This is only profitable if you have unlimited amounts of money and the casino has an unlimited cap on bet sizes, eventually you will get a losing run that will either wipe out every penny of profit you have made or you will have reached the tables bet limit.

  23. Don't ever start trading as your Martingale strategy is awful

  24. Legend says that guy still up by $25

  25. It just seems to me you are moving ur winngs over the ones that just lost sooner or later landing in a 0 or double 0 which means you lose everything the only you learn in this video is why ur an idiot!!!

  26. My gut reaction was bullshit. Then I thought about it awhile and realized that was way too harsh. Megabullshit.

  27. And when it goes green they take it all lol.

  28. shsharkroulette bet from 10 cent min deposit 1 dollar very good min withdraw 1 dollar

  29. the Houliaras system
    before we have the system, practice the bets on one player
    I write 1 and I put 1 chip in 18 numbers if I lose then I write 2 and I bet
    1 chip in 12 numbers because I have spent 2 chips and if I win then I get
    I have 1 profit mark let's see what we pay depending on the amount of chips
    we have spent on getting 1 profit mark 1-18 numbers.2-12.3-6.4-6.
    21-1.22-1.23-1 …… 34-1.35-1.37-2 chips in 1 number, uniformly
    39,41,43 ….. 67,69,71,74-3 masses in 1 number, uniformly 77,80 … 104,107.
    111, 115, 119, 123, 127, 131, 135, 139, 143, 148, 153,

    now you practice with 2 players who play with the aim of winning the 1
    player who has spent most chips, for example if the first player has
    spend 16 chips and the second 9 then we write 17 10 we bet 2 chips
    in 4 numbers so that if we win then we delete the 17 ,
    we continue with the 10 chips and we add a player then we write 11 1
    we bet 2 chips in 6 numbers

    similarly practice with more players

    now let's see the system
    I write 1 and I bet 18 numbers if I lose I will add player and I will write
    2 1 I will bet 2 chips in 24 numbers if I lose I will continue with 1
    player and i write 3 (1) i put 1 chip in 6 numbers if i miss then the
    second player plays again i write 4 2 and bet 2 chips in 12 numbers if I
    lose i add player 5 3 1 if I lose then i play 1 player 6 (3) (1) if
    I lose 7 4 (1) if I lose 8 5 2 if I lose then I add player
    9 6 3 1 if I lose then 10 (6) (3) (1) if I lose
    11 7 (3) (1) if I lose 12 8 4 2 if I lose then I add player
    139531 if I lose I will play 1 player if i loose then 2 players
    if I lose 4 players if I lose, all 5 players will play if I lose
    then I add a player where 6 players will play if I lose 1 player will play
    if I lose 2 players will play if I lose 4 players will play if I lose I will
    play all 6 players if I lose then add a player so there are 7 players if i
    loose I'm gonna play 1 if i loose I'm gonna play 2 if loose I'm gonna play 4
    if i loose I'm gonna play all 7 if I lose I add 1 so they play 8 if i loose
    I'm gonna play 1 if i loose I'm gonna play 2 if i loose
    I'm gonna play 4 If i loose then Everybody plays 8 If I lose Add 1 so they
    play 9 if I lose I play 1 if i loose I'm gonna play 2 if i loose I'm gonna
    play 4 if i loose I'm gonna play 8
    if I lose all 9 if I lose Add 1 so they play 10 if I lose i play
    1 if i loose I'm gonna play 2 if i loose I'm gonna play 4 if i loose
    I'm gonna play 8 if i loose I'm gonna play all
    10 if I lose Add 1 so I play 11 if I lose I play 1 etc

    if I win then I delete the first player holding 1 winning chip and if
    they are left chips i keep until they reach the next player
    after a win icontinue with the same number of players unless I win at
    betting played by all players where I continue with 1 player less
    [of course this may be the case for profits you can modify]

    for any queries I have e-mail

  30. / Ich habe dies mit meinem Super-Simulator theoretisch mit jeweils 20 bis 30 Stück Permanenzen á 210 Spielzüge getestet. Es kann 500 $ /€) gewinnen oder aber auch 1.200 $ (€) verlieren. Dies hängt u.a. davon ab in welcher Phase der Erhöhung eine "Null" kommt. Weiterhin von der Häufung der "Null" in den Permanenzen mit 210 Spielzügen. Durchschnittswert: 210/37 = 5,67.

    / I theoretically tested this with my super-simulator with 20 to 30 pieces permanences of 210 moves each. It can win $ 500 / €) or lose $ 1,200 (€). This depends, inter alia. of which phase of the increase a "zero" comes. Furthermore, the accumulation of "zero" in the permanents with 210 plays. Average: 210/37 = 5.67.

  31. Turn off your fan!

  32. You only broke even on second bet.
    Had you lost you would have had to win twice in a roll just to get even again.

  33. Thank You. tytyty. I have been working a system as well. I will be putting yours in play as well. and again ty ty ty

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