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Run Windows 10/8/7/XP on Any Android Phone- NO ROOT 2017 BEST Trick

Welcome to TechNow Review..
Today we are back here with our new video on Run Windows on Android Phone . Enjoy!!


Mirror Link:

More Mirrors:

New Updated Mirrors(April 25th 2017)

New Updated Windows 10 Link x64 (Download Gandalf file)

Windows 10 Link x86(Use Gandalf file)

If the above links arent working for you then you can…

35 Comments on Run Windows 10/8/7/XP on Any Android Phone- NO ROOT 2017 BEST Trick

  1. Hard disk A dialog brings up a file manager and the iso file does not show up. Cant select it if it doesn't show. I tried renaming it to XP (has an .iso ext.) no help. I cannot get it to find the image file. It is in the limbo folder as instructed. I even named the machine (step1) identically. Help?

  2. How can you go back to android?

  3. Can I run old PC games from my game disk onto limbo?

  4. Your channel looks great, thank you, subscribe to your channel.

  5. Thank You Bro! I Can Play Fortnite

  6. Can we run our pc games on this andriod window system

  7. 'XP.IMG' file kaha se milega woh bataya hi nhi apne yrr??

  8. Limbo does not open on Android 5+

  9. Can you down load steam

  10. how much time it will take

  11. It's shows no boot device available. For windows XP ?? What to do ??

  12. in my app says vim reboot please insert a sd card

  13. does it need a sd card to run tell me fast

  14. I  have  not  got  xp.IMG file   in  my  folder  why there  is  folder  machines    shared   tmp   but they  all  are  empty  and down to  the  folder there   are  there  file   only

  15. What show is that wallpaper from?

  16. i cant find limbo folder but i have all the other files in the internal storage

  17. What with USB port? Does it work like standard Windows USB port?
    Thank you.

  18. amazing.. thanks.. now, I can install all my favorites windows apps. Hmm.. let change the windows theme and looks first. Btw, I use this FolderChanger program to enhance the overall look of my desktop and folders. It works pretty well. Google "folderchanger" and you'll find it.

  19. Sir in these app galaxy grand prime is not working plz guide

  20. just a black screen… ????

  21. It didn't work i did it the same way u did


  23. how can i go back to my andriod version from xp?

  24. Cannot work to run windows xp in limbo

  25. I used in virtual machine in pc windows 10 8.1 8 7 iso file

  26. Thanks for video. I got a black screen during install windows 10
    My device is Oppo F7, could it install?

  27. Can I do it on my Nokia 3310

  28. How I get back to
    My android

  29. Best high graph pubg game supporter under 15k

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