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Safari 11 tips & tricks you may not know about!

With iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra, Safari has been updated to include some great new features. Here’s a few tips and tricks that’ll help you take advantage of Apple’s web browser.

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28 Comments on Safari 11 tips & tricks you may not know about!

  1. i want to record something form safari but there is no vice just video. how can i lessen vice as well ?? i should i do any idea.. require some help if any one knows

  2. Bro I have 8plus but when I open safari it doesn’t show search engine suggestions tho I Put on stettngs also but not showing

  3. But how do you reverse the desktop site

  4. Helpful video. Thanks pretty boy. New sub here ????

  5. U look like you in pain

  6. some​ good tips here thanks! 🙂

  7. Sir my safari is not working so I what to do

  8. I’m switching to Safari as my main browser (or will at least attempt to)… these are some great tips! ????

  9. You missed safari Experimental WebKit features

  10. Wasn't 11 supposed to add a 3D touch gesture for tab navigation? What happened to that? I still find it clumsy how you have to reveal the bottom bar, then press the tab button, to get tab view.

  11. Should be comparing to speakers like Sonos One with Alexa.

  12. Great video, picked up a few new tips, thanks.

  13. No one gives a fuck about safari u stooge

  14. This is a really useful video, especially for those new to iOS. Great work!

  15. “On accident”… ????????‍♂️

  16. Omg finally! I have waited for the "open in background" feature for the longest time! ❤️

  17. Did you have to talk in the same way and the same boring tone as your partner? … be original (good content in this channel anyways)

  18. Mate you look like a bad ass video game boss 🙂 Great video guys!

  19. Thank you for information.

  20. Great tips but consider possibly slowing down on the delivery unless your rename this to "11 rapid fire tips." And yes I'm aware of pause and rewind, still just feels a bit speedy in the dialogue.

  21. Great tips. Thanks!

  22. Great video guys! I love these tips and tricks you guys do.

  23. the desktop refresh is new to me!

  24. Thanks for the tips. If you press and hold theTabs icon on an iPad, it will give you a split view option. It will allow you to view 2 different web pages side by side. You can also get to split view by tapping once on the Tab icon, the pressing and holding Done. To exit split view within the Safari Browser, go through the same procedure but choose merge all tabs.

  25. Well done once again, nice demo of Safari iOS 11 features! Cheers!

  26. 3:39, you missed Ajit Pai’s face.. jk
    Great video, love the open tap in the background and dark reading mode!

  27. Wish I had an iphone!! Anyway I use my finger print on android to autofill my passwords now I have some passwords I want to delete because I changed them and some I deleted the whole account, I can't find it anywhere

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