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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tips and Tricks – The Guide Includes Hidden Features and What’s New

This video is an in-depth step by step guide to the first thing you need to do to customize and take advantage of your Samsung Galaxy #Note8. Full with #TipsAndTricks and #HiddenFeatures you can start using now including the SPen. (4k video)

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32 Comments on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tips and Tricks – The Guide Includes Hidden Features and What’s New

  1. Nice one mate very informative, Great help!!

  2. how to get the dark theme?

  3. Great Video…thanks

  4. I picked up mine on Friday. Had been with iPhones for years so I found this very helpful. I just need to get a Sd card soon and I’m set

  5. All basic stuff

  6. This was a very informative video. Thank you!

  7. Really enjoy your explaination of Tips & Tricks, Thank you!

  8. Yep! I ran down to my car during lunch and easily was able to find the settings icon and set up my FAVS, etc. Again, it was all due to your EXCELLENT video. I am watching it a few times to absorb the data since I am unable to bring my phone in the building (I work in a prison). Thank you! Thank you! And, thank you!

  9. Thank you! I just got a Note 8 and was overwhelmed. Why don't they have manuals anymore??? I was clueless how to find my settings. After enjoying your video, I now believe that I am prepared to tackle my phone one more time. Again, thank you,Cheryl

  10. i watch many reviews but you are the 1st i am giving comment. i want to comment because you stay to the point & awesome. really very nice

  11. Congratulation for reaching 1000 subscribers!!

  12. I need that case… Staying tuned

  13. Thanks for these tips! I just upgraded to a Note 8 from an iPhone 7 Plus.

  14. I'm here to win the case…yeayy!!! Note 8 rocks…

  15. I really need it sir …Hope I win once …
    My gmail…

  16. Just like looking my first video in that channel – it was superfun and so much information. Kepp up the good work! 🙂

  17. Every one want to buy

  18. Its look very cool

  19. Just got my note 8….thanks

  20. Super clear and awesome instructions! I learned quite a bit! I can't wait to show family, thanks man

    Also where are you from you sound just like my dad!

  21. Real informative, I am sure it will help many folks.

  22. Tony, excellent, concise, and informative video on the Note 8. I rarely comment on YT but your video is so well done that I had to let you know how much it impressed me . There is a lot of crap on YT, and many people trying to do what you are doing, so I am sure getting traction and gaining a loyal audience is tough. Keep going because you are putting out some really good content and I will bet your subscriber numbers take off soon. Great job, thank you for the in-depth and useful info.

  23. Gracias for the video helped me with alot of tips

  24. Just got my Note 8 and am still in need of a case/screen protector! Love your pep though and breakthrough of all the settings 🙂

  25. Dear Tony,
    You are not only a good presenter but your accent and sense of humour is so endearing. Your presentation was very clear and I am waiting eagerly for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 128 GB phone to release in India.
    Liked and subscribed your video apart from downloading it.

  26. Can I get a iPhone 6 case bro!!

  27. Amazing video love yoy

  28. Do a phone give away maybe a note 8

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