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Samsung Galaxy S8 Tips & Tricks – TOP 25 TIPS & TRICKS

Get the most out of the Samsung Galaxy S8 with this list of the best Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features for your new Samsung Galaxy S8 phone!
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Samsung Galaxy S8 Hidden Features:
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27 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S8 Tips & Tricks – TOP 25 TIPS & TRICKS

  1. get quick thots i hear

  2. play it at 1.25 speed and it will sound normal


  4. Very helpful. Just got a new s8 phone and I was able to apply some of the helpful tips. Thanks.

  5. I cant able 2 download free/paid themes from Samsung themes…plz help

  6. The reviewer sounds like like a used car salesman. He gets so excited about commonplace features that are generally taken for granted by now.

  7. FABULOUS VIDEO!! Mahalo for sharing this information????????????????

  8. great video ????????????????

  9. Watching this on my Samsung galaxy s8 ????

  10. Question for you – I want to use the Weather Underground on the top screen instead of the weather channel.. can I change them out?

  11. The thing about the SOS message is that if i press accidentally the power button 3 times instead of 2 times for launching the camera my device will send an SOS message so people will get worried but there is nothing wrong with me.

  12. Fuck off mate you're annoying

  13. does quick thoughts work for Australians?

  14. How can I change the color of the notification panel? The one you bring down with your finger or using 2 fingers?

  15. Qickthoght not available in all countries

  16. Greatttt video! Loved it!

  17. Could you tell me where I might change the background colour on the area where the wifi, airplane mode, flashlight, bluetooth, NFC, etc is? It's white and I'd like it to be grey or black. I'm not talking about the navigation bar at the bottom.

  18. Not only that but with the all new Galaxy S8 you can plug your charger up your B-hole and it will super quick charge your phone in seconds! Say you're out and about and your phone is at 10% battery life and you have no wallsocket to plug into, well just stick your charger up your ass and PRESTO! In seconds you will be at 1000% battery life! Yes folks, just seconds and you will have a fully charged phone! Amazing

  19. Does this app quick thoughts work in countries outside U.S?

  20. your tips r extremely useful! Thanks so much!

  21. Excellent video, thank you for taking the time out to make it. Just got my S8 last week but noticed a couple of the settings u went to were not in my settings , for example "privacy and emergency" . Could not find that at all in my settings so not sure why u have it but i dont.

  22. i got iPhone 6 Plus! but you're always share us Great Tips and Tricks, Both Android and iOS Devices. Thanks. 🙂

  23. 15 seconds in and I gotta bounce. Your voice is like a queer Ron Jaworski on dust.

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